Friday, August 7, 2009

The Boys are Here!!!

Where to even start?!?!
The boys were born 7/29/09:
Rocco @ 8:09 am weighing 6lbs 13 oz

Taegan @8:10 am weighing 6lbs 6oz

The delivery went very smoothly and so is my recovery! The first few days I was sore when getting out of bed but that is pretty much gone! And the greatest part of the recovery is I'm already down 30+ lbs! Only 20 more to go :)

The boys are doing great!! They had their first doctor appt on Tuesday and the pediatrician say they are 2 very healthy boys. They had to get their heel pricked though and the boys screamed and cried which made me cry... I have to say that might have been one of the worst moments in my life . I'm sure I'll feel the same once it comes time for shots and things of that nature too!

Having the boys home has been absolutely insane! The first night was rough... Ray and I were up pretty much all night! In the hospital they just brought the babies to me when it was time to feed them... but we don't get that kind of service at home :) So lets see we have now spent 6 nights at home and I can't really complain. There have been a couple of smooth nights where I have gotten 3 hour stretches of sleep but there have been some rough nights too! The rough nights are the ones where they don't eat at the same time or one right after the other. So I get one fed and changed and back to bed (a 30-45 minute process) lay down for 30 or so minutes and then the other is hungry! Nights like that make for a long one :)

This might be TMI so if you don't want to hear about breastfeeding skip ahead ...

It has been my goal to breastfeed the entire pregnancy but one of the things I worried about the most! Would it work? Would the boys latch on? Would I have enough for both? on and on... Of all the things that have gone well for me during this time I am most thankful for this! I accredit a lot of this to the support at the hospital... they were amazing!! We had an appointment with a lactation consultant yesterday. She weighed the boys, I fed them, and then she weighed again. In one feeding Rocco got 2.5 oz and Taegan 3.5 oz!! The consultant said that usually babies at this age get 1 to 1 1/2 oz during a feeding! So my boys are well fed :) I've also been pumping and already have a little supply stored up so my mom and Ray can handle some of the feedings!

Speaking of my mom her help has been absolutely priceless. Whether is has been laundry, cooking, holding or changing one while I feed the other, or encouraging words.. I honestly don't know what I would be doing without her here!
And as for Ray :) he is recovering well! j/k It makes me get all teary eyed watching him interact with the boys! He is an amazing dad... it seems so natural for him. Unfortunately he had to go back to work right away.. it is one of the busiest times of year for him. But i love watching him walk in and his face lighting up when he sees the boys and holds them.

And just a few things I've learned so far:

*people weren't lying when they said you can never have too many receiving blankets

*snaps in the middle of the night are not fun... zipper or gown all the way :)

*I can do many things with one hand, or a foot, or even a chin :)

*A wipe warmer is not a waste of money

*I can function on 2 hours of sleep

*I need a wee blocker... so far the boys have peed on everybody :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

35 Week Ultra Sound

We got to see the boys today!!! They are doing so great!! We watched as they were practicing their breathing and their heartbeats and blood pressure are good... I couldn't be happier :) They are both over 5 lbs! Taegan is 5.1 and Rocco is 5.9... this is the biggest difference we have seen on their weight but because both of their weights are good they said it is nothing to be concerned about. I read that the average weight of twins when born is 5.5.... so we are doing great!! Supposedly these last weeks they gain 1/2 pound a week so if they follow that we are looking at having 6+lbs twin boys.... which would be amazing! A little side note I can't believe I am carrying around 10 +lbs worth of babies!! Another cool thing about the ultra sound... we got to see their hair!! Not the color... but she pointed out this white stuff around their head and said it is their hair!! I am excited about this just because I was bald for about the first 6 months of my life... so I was wondering if they would take after me in that regard :)

And it looks like c-section is official. Last month Taegan was head down and Rocco wasn't... since Rocca is Twin A he HAS to be head down for a regular delivery. Well now NEITHER are head down! I guess Taegan decided to follow Rocco's lead and turn himself back around... oh well what can you do!

And I just have to share a story about Rocco... he is waaay down low in by belly... his feet are on my cervix, which actually explains a lot. Well they were trying to get a picture of it but they couldn't with Rocco's foot there so she would push down with the wand and move it around to get him to move and move did he!! He proceeded to kick the sh** out of my poor cervix :( Let me just say it doesn't feel good at all... but the lady was bound and determined to get him to move so she kept on... obviously she has never met Rocco so it was a war of wills and my poor cervix lost :( But Taegan isn't so innocent here either... He is literally on top of my lungs.. the lady was like "wow you must have a really hard time breathing!"

Like I said in my post yesterday.... I'm pretty uncomfortable these days :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am sooo over it!!

Maybe its wrong of me but at this point I am so over it and want these babies out!! I am huge, swollen, and hot.... and not very mobile :) There is no doubt about it I am waddling these days. I know in the "big picture" my discomfort is not a big deal and I know the longer they in there the stronger and healthier they are... but I'm entitled to complain!

While I am complaining let me just tell you about this lady the other day. I am walking in this outside plaza at a medical building... the car says it is a 116 degrees outside... so needless to say it was pretty freaking hot!! I had already been out and about for several hours with my weekly doctor appts... so I guess I didn't look like the happiest 15 month pregnant lady out there (a little dramatic I know!) Anyways this lady says "wow you look miserable" and I say ya pretty much and her friend says "maybe next time you should plan a little better." WOW!! REALLY? Where was the genius lady when I needed her 9 months ago when I told Ray "Hey lets get pregnant with twins right now so I can be huge in the middle of summer!" People continue to blow my mind... and I hear once the twins are actually here and you are out and about with them the comments and questions only get worse!!

Sorry for the attitude :)

Actually all in all everything is going really well! I feel truly blessed to be caring twins and feeling healthy. The boys continue to do well in their weekly Non-Stress Test. Rocco of course has to entertain himself in someway so he likes to make the nurses search very hard for him and once they find him he thinks it's really funny to be still for about 5 minutes and then hide again :) and Taegan stays in his little area the whole time... the nurses never have to go searching for him!! These boys are going to keep me busy :) And as for my doctor appts... I am not dilated, blood pressure is good. I did have to get an ultra sound on my leg to make sure there wasn't a blood clot and everything was fine with that. Aside from being swollen and my wrist hurting all is good!

As for the boys arrival date we have a C-Section scheduled for July 29th. It was originally August 3rd but I asked if we could move it up a little so I could utilize my mom's time here a little better. So I think that is like 18 days away!! The reason for the C-Section is... you'll never guess... Rocco :) Twin A has to be head down and at this point he still isn't! We have an ultra sound scheduled for Monday (7/13) Maybe... just maybe he will have moved head down!! Plus I am super anxious to see how big they are... anything over 5lbs I will be happy with.

Okay here is a 35 week belly picture... taken today!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nursery is ready!!

Well it has been a crazy week! My mom and I have been nonstop for 6 days.... decorating, shopping, more shopping, and doctor appointments! It has all been so worth it the nursery is done and I have to say it is pretty darn cute :) Pictures are below... let me know what you think!!
As for the doctor... 3 appointments in one week...and that is pretty much how it will be until the boys come! Monday was an ultra sound, no pics to post. There is just too much baby in my belly to get a good picture of either of them. But they are looking good! Rocco is 3 lbs 11 oz and Taegan is 3 lbs 13 oz! So they are right where they need to be... each twin is the same weight as a single birth would be at this point!! I also had my first "stress test" this week. They hook me up to a machine and monitor my heart rate, both the boys, and any contractions I'm having. Both the boys and I passed with flying colors :) Rocco of course was a little feisty and they had to readjust the band a few times and start the time over... but other than that things are looking great!

Also the newest comment I'm getting when out and about.. people are very concerned with my size! It's is either "Oh my god when are you due?" or "You look like you could go any day now!" I smile and say no I actually have about 6 more weeks... then people look confused... so I tell them its twins. Now their opinion has changed, every single person then says..."Oh your not that big at all then!" :) oh the joy of random people's opinion!!

Okay here are the nursery pics!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's New?

Well I had a doc appt on Tues (6/9) and everything is looking good. I will start going once a week now... just to be extra careful with the chances of preterm labor. I have gained exactly 30 lbs in the pregnancy! I've been seeing my regular doctor and he isn't mean about weight, he said my weight is right for this point in the pregnancy. I have an ultra sound on Monday and then another doc appt on Tues... my mom will be in town so she will get to go to both :) I'm anxious to see how big they are!!!

Another update is in the baby name department. The name's are staying the same I'm just changing the spelling of one. Rocco isn't changing, but Teagan is now Taegan. The original spelling people think it is "tee"gan. But it is like Reagan on Meagan, just with a T! So in hopes to prevent a lifetime of him correcting people we decided to change :)

And last but not least for the update we found a Baby Mobile!!! We are now the owners of a 2008 Nissan Armada!! We traded in both cars (since Ray now has a company car). I've been driving it around all day and I can't lie I felt like a soccer mom :) This thing is no joke, it is huge! We definitely now have plenty of room for the twins.... and room to grow :) Here are pics....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long Overdue!!

Wow I am really slacking it in the blog department!! Where to start.... Well I have been on summer break for a little over a week now!! I got my classroom all packed up and everything into a storage unit.. it is very weird to think I won't be teaching next year! Like I said Ray was promoted so he has been super busy with that. The crazy thing is although he is so busy I think we have spent more time together in the last month than I don't even know (which you won't hear me complaining about!!) Let's see we moved!! I am sooo happy that is done, moving+pregnancy is not a good time! We found a great 3 bedroom apt.... it is nice and spacious. Even though there are still boxes everywhere it is great to not be cramped anymore! Right now the nursery is just full of boxes, my mom is coming next week and we get that all set up... I'll post before, during, and after pictures! The other room is Ray's office/Grandma's room :) And let's see we are still in the market for an SUV.. we took our car seats the other weekend to a dealership to test out the space in the SUV we wanted... who knew car seats took up so much room?? Anyways we have to get a bigger one then originally thought. But we are still trying to make all that work.
Okay now for an update on the babies and pregnancy!! My last Ultra sound was 5/18... we actually have some 3D pics (which are posted below!). Teagan weighed in at 2lbs 4 oz... and was very photogenic! Rocco weighed in at 2 lbs 5 oz and was not so photogenic! As far as size they are in the 43% which is right where we want them to be and there is only a 7% difference in their size which the doctor was very happy with. It means they are both getting that same amount of food and nutrients! They are very active boys! Rocco has always been a mover but recently Teagan has been making his presence felt :) As far as me... all in all I can't complain! Yes I am uncomfortable.. my ankles get swollen very quickly, my ring is tight on my finger, my back is constantly sore, and my sciatic nerve has been acting up... but I think in the scheme of things that's not too bad. I visiting the doctor every 2 weeks now and after my next appt I will be going every week. My goal is to hold onto to these babies until July 31st. That will put me right at 38 weeks! My mom can't be here until July 30th so I want to try to wait until then :) Plus the longer their in the better (and bigger) they are! I know I can't control some things, if they decide to come early it is what it is... this is all just my hope :)

Okay now for some pictures!!!

27 weeks (5/15/09)29 weeks (5/31/09Here is Teagan.. You can see his lips, nose, eyes, and his little hand on his cheek... so cute :)

And Teagan again...he has his knee curled up to his nose and mouth... just precious!!

Rocco!! His picture is harder to make out. Being true to character he wasn't as cooperative as Teagan :)

This picture just makes me laugh... You have Teagan's head and Rocco's foot :)

More posts to come soon!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Decision Made!

It is official we are staying in Arizona! Ray was offered a promotion on Thursday, I am so immensely proud of him.. He has been working towards this for a long time. As happy as I am for him and what this means for our future it is all a little bitter sweet....

Bitter because I will not get to move back close to my mom and all my wonderful friends in Dallas. The thought of having my mom close by made me not so scared to have twins! But I know she will be visiting often and she is only a phone call away.

Sweet because well Ray deserves it. Plus we do really love Arizona... it holds a very special place in our hearts. We picked up and moved to a new place together and started a life for ourselves, it really strengthened our relationship and made us closer then I thought we ever could be. Also I have met some really wonderful people that truly care about Ray and I and will be a great support.

So with Ray's promotion I will be taking a leave of absence from school next year. I feel blessed that I will be able to be at home with the boys for at least the first year of their lives.

Now we need to get done to business... find a place to live, buy nursery furniture, set up the nursery, get a new car.... and the list goes on :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Doctor Sucks!

So I had my monthly doctor visit on Tuesday (4/14). I get weighed, my blood pressure is checked, and I get to hear their precious little heartbeats :) This is all with the nurse... she leaves me waiting in the room for the doctor.

So a few minutes later in walks the doctor... the first thing out of his mouth "What happened?" I am confused what do you mean? He is talking about my weight gain... I have gained 12 pounds in one month! Wow I know this might seem like a lot for one month....BUT it is the ONLY gain I have had so far in my pregnancy! I will be 23 weeks on Friday and I've only gained 12 pounds... this is how I am looking at it but Oh not the doctor! He is asking me what I'm doing differently and talking to me as if all I do is sit around and eat all day! He actually told me sometimes when I'm hungry I need to walk away from the food!! Needless to say I was extremely upset... I mean really you are going to tell a pregnant lady who is already self conscious about her changing body that she needs to walk away from the food... mean I say just mean!!

Okay venting is over :)

So we have our 2nd baby shower in El Paso this weekend!! It should be lots of fun. They have rented out a hall for the occasion so if it is anything like other El Paso visits this will be one big party :) Plus I am super excited my mom, Molly (sister-in-law), and Joey (the cutest nephew in the world) are making the trip!! I haven't seen Molly or Joey since August so I am really looking forward to that... and Ray hasn't seen them since last March!

Oh and we have an ultra sound scheduled for Monday (4/20) at 8 am... so NEW pictures of the boys coming soon!!

and one more thing... I am feeling them move all the time. Ray and I sit there at night with our hands on my belly just feeling them :) AND you can even see my belly move! Ray said it look as if a muscle were twitching. It is all very crazy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st Shower!!

Well Ray and I had our first baby shower on March 28th in California. It was a surreal experience to celebrate these babies for the 1st time!! The shower was a blast! The decorations were adorable, the food was amazingly delicious (this is the real reason I married Ray), the games were a blast, and it was great to see people again and meet the rest of the family. It warmed my heart just how excited people are about the twins... and how extremely generous people were with their gifts!!
Here are a few pictures from the occasion!
Ray teaching me to iron :)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ginormous :)

Well maybe I am being a bit dramatic, I'm not quite ginormous, but I am growing!! I'm only 19 weeks, so I can't even imagine what I will look like further along. It is hard for me to picture my belly any bigger, but I know I still have a lot of growing to do.
So here are updated belly bump pictures... These are at 19 weeks and 3 days... so almost 5 months!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The verdict is in...

So we are having 2 boys... holy moly :)

Both babies look extremely healthy and are a little bigger than expected so I couldn't be happier!!

Both are about 7 inches and Twin B is 8oz and Twin A is 7oz.

Twin A was referred to as "lean and mean." He would not cooperate with the pictures, basically he wouldn't sit still for a second. And once she was trying to get a picture of both of them Mr.LeanandMean was kicking and punching his brother, and then they were both kicking at each other, and then Mr.LandM turned himself around and planted his butt right in his brother's face!!

So is this what we have in store for us :)

Honestly I can't wait... as much as I wanted a girl I think 2 boys will be an absolute blast!! Now when they break out in a fist fight in the middle of the grocery store later in life remind me that I said that :)

Some more good news from the doc yesterday... he called me an ideal incubator :) He said with my age, height, weight, and because the twins are in separate sacks I am and the bottom of the list in the high risk pregnancies. Because it is twins it is automatically considered high risk but he said I'm not even a blip on his radar... so that made me feel good :)

Oh and more interesting news he said there is no way of knowing if they are identical or fraternal at this point, once they are born we can have them DNA tested if we choose, but turns out Check Spellingidentical twins can be in separate sacks.

AND here are the pictures...

Here is Twin A, he is the bigger and better behaved one :)
Both of the pictures are his feet she just split the screen.
Here is Mr.Lean and Mean himself, and his cute little rascally feet :)

Here they both are together. It is a little hard to make out but both of their heads are facing down and they were kicking at each other!!

And in this lovely shot Mr.Lean and Mean (right) turned himself around and but his butt right in his brother's face!! I can just picture him saying "kiss my butt"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Latest and Greatest

I haven't reported in what seems like ages... so let me catch up on all plus post a few pics...

We have registries!! (Babies R Us, Target, and Walmart) What an overwhelming experience! There is an insane amount of stuff out there, and when you have never done this before it's hard to know what is a necessity and what's just fun to have :) We have a lot we still need to add we are just waiting to find out the other sex....

Speaking of finding out; we are scheduled for our ultra sound on March 17th (St. Patty's Day)... and we have a regular doc appt the day before.

Also I have been feeling really good!!! I do get tired easily but other than that I don't even feel like I am pregnant, well aside from the growing belly. I am not having any real cravings, I'm not getting sick.... I'm not experiencing any of the "dreaded" things I've heard about. Granted I know I am still very early and all that could come but I am going to enjoy this part while it last.

As for the growing belly I had to go maternity clothes shopping this weekend... the belly band and safety pin weren't really cutting it anymore :) I am actually super excited about my jeans, they look cute and they are SO comfortable!!
So here are some pics of a few of my purchases with my 16 week belly pics to go with them :)
My Belly :)

Another Belly

My Jeans!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want to know!!

I am dying to know what the other baby is!! My gut is/was telling me its a boy but I want it so badly to be a girl... so now I've confused my gut :) I've told the other baby I will be excited regardless if it is a boy a girl... but we only have one boy name and one girl name picked :)

I tried not to get to hopeful about what we were having but when we found out the sex of one all that was out the window. I should be getting a phone call from the doctor either today or tomorrow to schedule the ultra sound. We have to go to a specialty place since we are having twins. So as soon as I get that date I will let you know :)

We did have a doc apt on Monday... all went well. Nothing new... I did bombard him with a list of questions of things I was worried about from our trip... he basically laughed at me but whatever I have peace of mind, I didn't do anything to harm the babies :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to reality....

Well Ray and I are back from Hawaii.... booooo! We came back to cold rainy weather in AZ... what happened while we were gone??

Anyways we had an amazing trip... I felt so great the whole time... major plus!! We met so many amazing people and were part of the most beautiful wedding :) It really warms my heart when people are so genuinely excited for you when they here the news that you are expecting! It really is an amazing thing!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

12 Week Baby Pictures!!!

We had our ultrasound today and all went wonderful!! The babies are growing and they have arms, legs, fingers, toes, nose, ears, mouth, eyes... they are real little babies!! They are the appropriate size, and they are both actually just about the same exact size!! They are also both very active... kicking, arms going, turning, flipping... I can't believe I can't feel it! We also got some additional exciting news... we found out the sex.... BUT only on one of them!!
Here they both are, You can see Twin A better... A was in a better position than B :)
Twin B's face... so sweet!!

Twin A's face.... the hand is against the mouth :) so cute!!

Twin A was a lot more photogenic today!!!

and there it is... Twin A is a BOY!!!! At first she said "I'm almost positive this one is a boy"... but then he moved and she said "Oh he is definitely a boy!".. I think he was showing off :) Twin B wasn't as cooperative so we will wait to find out what else is in there!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change of Heart

Before I explain the change of heart let me set the stage.....

I have been experiencing extreme lower back pain so I went to the doctor today. I can't take any good drugs and I can't soak in a hot bath.... like for real what am I supposed to do?? It turns out that it is my sciatic nerve... the babies could be pushing on the uterus which is pushing on my nerve or something like that?. So tomorrow I am going to a chiropractor... hopefully they can relieve some of this pain!!!

Now for the change of heart.... Ray and I had decided against testing for down syndrome, after the doctor visit I called Ray to inform him that we were getting tested. Come to find out if we get tested we get an extra ultra sound!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am! So next Wednesday (the 4th) at 3:15 we have an ultra sound!!! I thought we were going to have to wait until March.... so new pics coming soon!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I now understand the meaning of morning sickness :( I'm still feeling rather lucky because I've only had two encounters with this mysterious sickness, but nonetheless I wasn't avoided which I thought was a possibility.

There is really nothing else to say... just not a fun way to start a Monday!

UPDATE: Lactose

So it was just the sweetness of the milkshake that made me that sick. My tummy gets a little sensitive to milk (that's is all I had in my belly this morning as a matter of fact), but yogurt and cheese are fine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twins in my Trunk :)

So here is my 10 week Baby Bump... really I just look like I am getting fat.... but it has been crazy to see my body change before my eyes!!