Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change of Heart

Before I explain the change of heart let me set the stage.....

I have been experiencing extreme lower back pain so I went to the doctor today. I can't take any good drugs and I can't soak in a hot bath.... like for real what am I supposed to do?? It turns out that it is my sciatic nerve... the babies could be pushing on the uterus which is pushing on my nerve or something like that?. So tomorrow I am going to a chiropractor... hopefully they can relieve some of this pain!!!

Now for the change of heart.... Ray and I had decided against testing for down syndrome, after the doctor visit I called Ray to inform him that we were getting tested. Come to find out if we get tested we get an extra ultra sound!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am! So next Wednesday (the 4th) at 3:15 we have an ultra sound!!! I thought we were going to have to wait until March.... so new pics coming soon!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I now understand the meaning of morning sickness :( I'm still feeling rather lucky because I've only had two encounters with this mysterious sickness, but nonetheless I wasn't avoided which I thought was a possibility.

There is really nothing else to say... just not a fun way to start a Monday!

UPDATE: Lactose

So it was just the sweetness of the milkshake that made me that sick. My tummy gets a little sensitive to milk (that's is all I had in my belly this morning as a matter of fact), but yogurt and cheese are fine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twins in my Trunk :)

So here is my 10 week Baby Bump... really I just look like I am getting fat.... but it has been crazy to see my body change before my eyes!!

Doctor Visit

Well we had a doctor visit yesterday. No ultrasound :( I'm not sure why I thought there was going to be one.... I guess I just figured they would want to make sure everything is okay. But the doctor felt around on my belly and said I was growing at the rate and size I should be. He said I would get bigger quicker, which is no joke! I will be posting a picture tonight of my "baby belly." I tried to take a self portrait of it last night and it didn't work out so well, so Ray is taking a picture tonight.

We did get to hear heartbeats!! He found one heartbeat pretty easily and after some searching we heard another... the doctor said it could have been the same heartbeat there is no way to tell. One twin could be hiding behind the other... or it could have been both heartbeats??

Also yesterday we had to make the decision about what we would get tested for... Ray and I had this conversation a long time ago... but it is funny how that all changes when you see a picture and hear a heartbeat. We decided to not get tested for down syndrome... our odds are low and even if we had the testing done we wouldn't do anything with the information so we decided against it.

Our next ultrasound isn't until March 16th.... which is when we find out the sexes!!! I can't wait!! I kinda wish people would stop asking me what I'm hoping for though... I know and understand it is a natural question, but honestly at this point it all still seems so unreal that I'm not hoping for anything except healthy twins!! Ray on the other hand really wants one of each :)

Also the doctor measured our last ultrasound and based on the size of the babies I'm only 10 weeks and a couple days. Which means we conceived on Thanksgiving :)Somehow we are 2 weeks off?? The doctor thinks my cycle was off, but I told him it has been to the day for at least 7 to 8 months now. Oh well.

Other than all that I have been feeling pretty good as long as I eat.... by the way I'm supposed to be eating 2700 calories a day!! I'm finding that really hard! I've lost two pounds since my last doctor visit but I think it is because I haven't exercised at all so I'm losing muscle.

So that is the latest and greatest.... I'll be updating the with a picture tonight!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lactose Intolerant

OKay I could totally be making this up but I think the babies are lactose intolerant!! I treated myself to a vanilla milkshake yesterday... it was delicios! BUT my body or the babies... something did not like it.... AT ALL!!! I swear it was like I had food poisoning... needless to say I was in agony. So fast forward a couple hours I'm feeling better... a little weak, but better. I eat some chicken and rice (a very small amount because I was nervous) and an orange. The food went down fine and I was actually hungry!! Not wanting to over do it plus it was close to bedtime I decided to eat a piece of cheese.... BAM sick all over again! Coincidence?? I'm not sure?? I will have to talk to the doctor next Monday! To be on the safe side I haven't had any milk or cheese today!

Hope this wasn't TMI :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The story...

For those who haven't heard the whole pregnancy story... here it is!

For months and months Ray and I went back and forth about having a baby... we are ready, wait no we aren't, let's wait for this, etc etc. I know you can never be fully ready for a baby and I think we finally came to terms with that at some point. We decided to do the whole "We aren't trying but we aren't stopping it from happening" :)

So fast forward a month later I take two pregnancy test over a weekend, both negative. I hadn't missed yet but I always know at least a week in advance when I'm getting a visit. So two days later, now officially two days late I take another test.... and you guessed it POSITIVE. I honestly couldn't even believe my eyes... I hadn't really prepared myself for a positive. I was really excited, just in disbelief! Ray wasn't due home for several hours so I had time to process and calm down. I wrapped the test (it was a digital one that actually said the word "pregnant" on it so it was easy to understand) and a onsie :)

When Ray walked in the door I handed him his present. I was wrapping other Christmas gifts so I said it was an early present for him. He opened it, looked at it all, and then said "What does it mean?" Honey we are pregnant :) He then went on to say he wouldn't believe it until he saw a baby belly, he didn't trust the test, three positive test later he still had his doubts. That's Ray for you :)

I made a Doc appt we went in and the pregnant was confirmed and Ray finally fully believed, even though it was the same test we had taken at home... the 'ol pee on a stick :) And we had our first ultra sound scheduled!!

So we come up to our appt for the ultra sound and I'm stressing out: one I have to hold 32 oz of water for an hour and two I'm nervous that something is wrong. I hadn't really had any symptoms except being tired and of course I didn't "look" pregnant so I was worried that I had miscarried or something else could go wrong. So I was thrilled that we were going to see a picture.

Ultrasound starts and I'm looking at the TV that shows the picture and she is moving things around.... I'm seeing the black hole that I've seen on other ultrasounds but wait.... She says Dad you might want to sit down... Ray: no I'm good I can see from here.... No you might want to sit down.... Me: ARE WE HAVING TWINS???.... you sure are!! Ray sat down and I continued to said a few choice phrases :) We were in utter shock and dismay... It didn't even cross my mind that we could or would ever really be having twins... Ray had mentioned that twins would be cool and that were in his family a few generations ago but I never thought it was a possibility because it's the girl that has to drop 2 eggs.

Anyway so we have digested the news and we are both very excited. We know it will be hard and crazy but we also know that together we can do it :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So here is our first blog!! I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone updated on the latest and greatest!!

Things are pretty crazy in our life with the news of the pregnancy and then the added shocker of twins!! I wish I could think of a better word other than shocked.... because that is what we are.

As of today I am 10 weeks.... and I'm starting to show. Well sorda, I'm at this weird stage where I'm getting thicker but it doesn't look like a baby bump! My only major complaint is the fatigue... but its more then that... at the end of the day I AM DONE!! I've been pretty nausaus but only one incident of actual morning sickness. And my appetite is all over the place. One minute the thought of food is revolting the next I'm starving. But the worst thing is I haven't been able to eat chocolate :( I have the world's biggest sweet tooth... so to turn up my nose to chocolate... CRAZY!!

Our next doc appt is on the 19th! I can't wait. I just want the peace of mind that everything is a'okay! I want to see another picture and make sure they are both still there and doing well!

More to come soon.....