Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want to know!!

I am dying to know what the other baby is!! My gut is/was telling me its a boy but I want it so badly to be a girl... so now I've confused my gut :) I've told the other baby I will be excited regardless if it is a boy a girl... but we only have one boy name and one girl name picked :)

I tried not to get to hopeful about what we were having but when we found out the sex of one all that was out the window. I should be getting a phone call from the doctor either today or tomorrow to schedule the ultra sound. We have to go to a specialty place since we are having twins. So as soon as I get that date I will let you know :)

We did have a doc apt on Monday... all went well. Nothing new... I did bombard him with a list of questions of things I was worried about from our trip... he basically laughed at me but whatever I have peace of mind, I didn't do anything to harm the babies :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to reality....

Well Ray and I are back from Hawaii.... booooo! We came back to cold rainy weather in AZ... what happened while we were gone??

Anyways we had an amazing trip... I felt so great the whole time... major plus!! We met so many amazing people and were part of the most beautiful wedding :) It really warms my heart when people are so genuinely excited for you when they here the news that you are expecting! It really is an amazing thing!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

12 Week Baby Pictures!!!

We had our ultrasound today and all went wonderful!! The babies are growing and they have arms, legs, fingers, toes, nose, ears, mouth, eyes... they are real little babies!! They are the appropriate size, and they are both actually just about the same exact size!! They are also both very active... kicking, arms going, turning, flipping... I can't believe I can't feel it! We also got some additional exciting news... we found out the sex.... BUT only on one of them!!
Here they both are, You can see Twin A better... A was in a better position than B :)
Twin B's face... so sweet!!

Twin A's face.... the hand is against the mouth :) so cute!!

Twin A was a lot more photogenic today!!!

and there it is... Twin A is a BOY!!!! At first she said "I'm almost positive this one is a boy"... but then he moved and she said "Oh he is definitely a boy!".. I think he was showing off :) Twin B wasn't as cooperative so we will wait to find out what else is in there!!