Friday, June 19, 2009

Nursery is ready!!

Well it has been a crazy week! My mom and I have been nonstop for 6 days.... decorating, shopping, more shopping, and doctor appointments! It has all been so worth it the nursery is done and I have to say it is pretty darn cute :) Pictures are below... let me know what you think!!
As for the doctor... 3 appointments in one week...and that is pretty much how it will be until the boys come! Monday was an ultra sound, no pics to post. There is just too much baby in my belly to get a good picture of either of them. But they are looking good! Rocco is 3 lbs 11 oz and Taegan is 3 lbs 13 oz! So they are right where they need to be... each twin is the same weight as a single birth would be at this point!! I also had my first "stress test" this week. They hook me up to a machine and monitor my heart rate, both the boys, and any contractions I'm having. Both the boys and I passed with flying colors :) Rocco of course was a little feisty and they had to readjust the band a few times and start the time over... but other than that things are looking great!

Also the newest comment I'm getting when out and about.. people are very concerned with my size! It's is either "Oh my god when are you due?" or "You look like you could go any day now!" I smile and say no I actually have about 6 more weeks... then people look confused... so I tell them its twins. Now their opinion has changed, every single person then says..."Oh your not that big at all then!" :) oh the joy of random people's opinion!!

Okay here are the nursery pics!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's New?

Well I had a doc appt on Tues (6/9) and everything is looking good. I will start going once a week now... just to be extra careful with the chances of preterm labor. I have gained exactly 30 lbs in the pregnancy! I've been seeing my regular doctor and he isn't mean about weight, he said my weight is right for this point in the pregnancy. I have an ultra sound on Monday and then another doc appt on Tues... my mom will be in town so she will get to go to both :) I'm anxious to see how big they are!!!

Another update is in the baby name department. The name's are staying the same I'm just changing the spelling of one. Rocco isn't changing, but Teagan is now Taegan. The original spelling people think it is "tee"gan. But it is like Reagan on Meagan, just with a T! So in hopes to prevent a lifetime of him correcting people we decided to change :)

And last but not least for the update we found a Baby Mobile!!! We are now the owners of a 2008 Nissan Armada!! We traded in both cars (since Ray now has a company car). I've been driving it around all day and I can't lie I felt like a soccer mom :) This thing is no joke, it is huge! We definitely now have plenty of room for the twins.... and room to grow :) Here are pics....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long Overdue!!

Wow I am really slacking it in the blog department!! Where to start.... Well I have been on summer break for a little over a week now!! I got my classroom all packed up and everything into a storage unit.. it is very weird to think I won't be teaching next year! Like I said Ray was promoted so he has been super busy with that. The crazy thing is although he is so busy I think we have spent more time together in the last month than I don't even know (which you won't hear me complaining about!!) Let's see we moved!! I am sooo happy that is done, moving+pregnancy is not a good time! We found a great 3 bedroom apt.... it is nice and spacious. Even though there are still boxes everywhere it is great to not be cramped anymore! Right now the nursery is just full of boxes, my mom is coming next week and we get that all set up... I'll post before, during, and after pictures! The other room is Ray's office/Grandma's room :) And let's see we are still in the market for an SUV.. we took our car seats the other weekend to a dealership to test out the space in the SUV we wanted... who knew car seats took up so much room?? Anyways we have to get a bigger one then originally thought. But we are still trying to make all that work.
Okay now for an update on the babies and pregnancy!! My last Ultra sound was 5/18... we actually have some 3D pics (which are posted below!). Teagan weighed in at 2lbs 4 oz... and was very photogenic! Rocco weighed in at 2 lbs 5 oz and was not so photogenic! As far as size they are in the 43% which is right where we want them to be and there is only a 7% difference in their size which the doctor was very happy with. It means they are both getting that same amount of food and nutrients! They are very active boys! Rocco has always been a mover but recently Teagan has been making his presence felt :) As far as me... all in all I can't complain! Yes I am uncomfortable.. my ankles get swollen very quickly, my ring is tight on my finger, my back is constantly sore, and my sciatic nerve has been acting up... but I think in the scheme of things that's not too bad. I visiting the doctor every 2 weeks now and after my next appt I will be going every week. My goal is to hold onto to these babies until July 31st. That will put me right at 38 weeks! My mom can't be here until July 30th so I want to try to wait until then :) Plus the longer their in the better (and bigger) they are! I know I can't control some things, if they decide to come early it is what it is... this is all just my hope :)

Okay now for some pictures!!!

27 weeks (5/15/09)29 weeks (5/31/09Here is Teagan.. You can see his lips, nose, eyes, and his little hand on his cheek... so cute :)

And Teagan again...he has his knee curled up to his nose and mouth... just precious!!

Rocco!! His picture is harder to make out. Being true to character he wasn't as cooperative as Teagan :)

This picture just makes me laugh... You have Teagan's head and Rocco's foot :)

More posts to come soon!!