Monday, July 13, 2009

35 Week Ultra Sound

We got to see the boys today!!! They are doing so great!! We watched as they were practicing their breathing and their heartbeats and blood pressure are good... I couldn't be happier :) They are both over 5 lbs! Taegan is 5.1 and Rocco is 5.9... this is the biggest difference we have seen on their weight but because both of their weights are good they said it is nothing to be concerned about. I read that the average weight of twins when born is 5.5.... so we are doing great!! Supposedly these last weeks they gain 1/2 pound a week so if they follow that we are looking at having 6+lbs twin boys.... which would be amazing! A little side note I can't believe I am carrying around 10 +lbs worth of babies!! Another cool thing about the ultra sound... we got to see their hair!! Not the color... but she pointed out this white stuff around their head and said it is their hair!! I am excited about this just because I was bald for about the first 6 months of my life... so I was wondering if they would take after me in that regard :)

And it looks like c-section is official. Last month Taegan was head down and Rocco wasn't... since Rocca is Twin A he HAS to be head down for a regular delivery. Well now NEITHER are head down! I guess Taegan decided to follow Rocco's lead and turn himself back around... oh well what can you do!

And I just have to share a story about Rocco... he is waaay down low in by belly... his feet are on my cervix, which actually explains a lot. Well they were trying to get a picture of it but they couldn't with Rocco's foot there so she would push down with the wand and move it around to get him to move and move did he!! He proceeded to kick the sh** out of my poor cervix :( Let me just say it doesn't feel good at all... but the lady was bound and determined to get him to move so she kept on... obviously she has never met Rocco so it was a war of wills and my poor cervix lost :( But Taegan isn't so innocent here either... He is literally on top of my lungs.. the lady was like "wow you must have a really hard time breathing!"

Like I said in my post yesterday.... I'm pretty uncomfortable these days :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am sooo over it!!

Maybe its wrong of me but at this point I am so over it and want these babies out!! I am huge, swollen, and hot.... and not very mobile :) There is no doubt about it I am waddling these days. I know in the "big picture" my discomfort is not a big deal and I know the longer they in there the stronger and healthier they are... but I'm entitled to complain!

While I am complaining let me just tell you about this lady the other day. I am walking in this outside plaza at a medical building... the car says it is a 116 degrees outside... so needless to say it was pretty freaking hot!! I had already been out and about for several hours with my weekly doctor appts... so I guess I didn't look like the happiest 15 month pregnant lady out there (a little dramatic I know!) Anyways this lady says "wow you look miserable" and I say ya pretty much and her friend says "maybe next time you should plan a little better." WOW!! REALLY? Where was the genius lady when I needed her 9 months ago when I told Ray "Hey lets get pregnant with twins right now so I can be huge in the middle of summer!" People continue to blow my mind... and I hear once the twins are actually here and you are out and about with them the comments and questions only get worse!!

Sorry for the attitude :)

Actually all in all everything is going really well! I feel truly blessed to be caring twins and feeling healthy. The boys continue to do well in their weekly Non-Stress Test. Rocco of course has to entertain himself in someway so he likes to make the nurses search very hard for him and once they find him he thinks it's really funny to be still for about 5 minutes and then hide again :) and Taegan stays in his little area the whole time... the nurses never have to go searching for him!! These boys are going to keep me busy :) And as for my doctor appts... I am not dilated, blood pressure is good. I did have to get an ultra sound on my leg to make sure there wasn't a blood clot and everything was fine with that. Aside from being swollen and my wrist hurting all is good!

As for the boys arrival date we have a C-Section scheduled for July 29th. It was originally August 3rd but I asked if we could move it up a little so I could utilize my mom's time here a little better. So I think that is like 18 days away!! The reason for the C-Section is... you'll never guess... Rocco :) Twin A has to be head down and at this point he still isn't! We have an ultra sound scheduled for Monday (7/13) Maybe... just maybe he will have moved head down!! Plus I am super anxious to see how big they are... anything over 5lbs I will be happy with.

Okay here is a 35 week belly picture... taken today!