Friday, August 7, 2009

The Boys are Here!!!

Where to even start?!?!
The boys were born 7/29/09:
Rocco @ 8:09 am weighing 6lbs 13 oz

Taegan @8:10 am weighing 6lbs 6oz

The delivery went very smoothly and so is my recovery! The first few days I was sore when getting out of bed but that is pretty much gone! And the greatest part of the recovery is I'm already down 30+ lbs! Only 20 more to go :)

The boys are doing great!! They had their first doctor appt on Tuesday and the pediatrician say they are 2 very healthy boys. They had to get their heel pricked though and the boys screamed and cried which made me cry... I have to say that might have been one of the worst moments in my life . I'm sure I'll feel the same once it comes time for shots and things of that nature too!

Having the boys home has been absolutely insane! The first night was rough... Ray and I were up pretty much all night! In the hospital they just brought the babies to me when it was time to feed them... but we don't get that kind of service at home :) So lets see we have now spent 6 nights at home and I can't really complain. There have been a couple of smooth nights where I have gotten 3 hour stretches of sleep but there have been some rough nights too! The rough nights are the ones where they don't eat at the same time or one right after the other. So I get one fed and changed and back to bed (a 30-45 minute process) lay down for 30 or so minutes and then the other is hungry! Nights like that make for a long one :)

This might be TMI so if you don't want to hear about breastfeeding skip ahead ...

It has been my goal to breastfeed the entire pregnancy but one of the things I worried about the most! Would it work? Would the boys latch on? Would I have enough for both? on and on... Of all the things that have gone well for me during this time I am most thankful for this! I accredit a lot of this to the support at the hospital... they were amazing!! We had an appointment with a lactation consultant yesterday. She weighed the boys, I fed them, and then she weighed again. In one feeding Rocco got 2.5 oz and Taegan 3.5 oz!! The consultant said that usually babies at this age get 1 to 1 1/2 oz during a feeding! So my boys are well fed :) I've also been pumping and already have a little supply stored up so my mom and Ray can handle some of the feedings!

Speaking of my mom her help has been absolutely priceless. Whether is has been laundry, cooking, holding or changing one while I feed the other, or encouraging words.. I honestly don't know what I would be doing without her here!
And as for Ray :) he is recovering well! j/k It makes me get all teary eyed watching him interact with the boys! He is an amazing dad... it seems so natural for him. Unfortunately he had to go back to work right away.. it is one of the busiest times of year for him. But i love watching him walk in and his face lighting up when he sees the boys and holds them.

And just a few things I've learned so far:

*people weren't lying when they said you can never have too many receiving blankets

*snaps in the middle of the night are not fun... zipper or gown all the way :)

*I can do many things with one hand, or a foot, or even a chin :)

*A wipe warmer is not a waste of money

*I can function on 2 hours of sleep

*I need a wee blocker... so far the boys have peed on everybody :)