Friday, April 30, 2010

9 Months :)

Happy 9 Months to my adorable boys :)
They had their 9 month well check today.... and everything looks great! The Doc was very impressed with their mobility and the boys gave him a special treat :) They like to see who can scream louder... not cry... just scream. They go back and forth and just crack up... and yes maybe it is funny the 1st time but not when you hear it all day :) They were both 29 inches long (75%) and Rocco was 18 lb 9 oz and Taeagn 18 lb 5 oz (both 20%). I will be honest the 20% through me off.. they have always been in the 50% for their weight but the Doc said we need to take into account their level of activity and that genetics play a large roll in this too. And turns out Ray and I were both skinny babies. All in all it was a great visit!!

What they are up to:
  • Turbo charge crawling
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • "Walking" both Rocco and Taegan are taking steps usually about 6 before they fall
  • "Talking" mamam dadad bababa
  • Biting... yes you read that right! We had our first biting incident. they wanted the same toy and Taegan bit Rocco... let the good times begin!
  • Waving~ only Taegan does this though

Another big change for us is our upcoming move back to Dallas! Ray is officially resigned from his job and we couldn't be happier! All the travel that his job entailed was not for us... so now it is time to focus on our family :) We have soooooo much to do and figure out but together we can make anything happen!!! We will miss our AZ "family" but thanks to things like facebook it will be easier to stay in touch :)

And here are some recent pics of the boys....This is what we face every time we change their diaper or get them dressed. They wiggle, turn, anything to get away!

This is Rocco's wrist after the bite. It is hard to see in the picture but you can see the teeth marks.

Notice how one of Rocco's legs is bigger than the other??? That would be because his diaper is in his pj pant! when I got him up in the morning this was the situation we had...not sure how it happened?

Taegan is taking Rocco for a ride during one of their twin playdates :)

Yes Taegan you were caught playing with a girl toy :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh the life of twins!!

Where to start.... we've had a crazy couple of days!! I guess I'll begin with this weekend!

So when I was pregnant I constantly wondered what would happen if both got sick at the same time... well wonder no more because now I know!! I was out of town on Saturday and Ray had the boys. All day they refused the bottle... these boys eat so to refuse is CRAZY!! They went 36 hours without a bottle! So Sunday morning when they woke up (and I was there) I made them a bottle and they sucked it down like no other and then proceeded to projectile vomit the whole bottle. I have never seen them get sick we've had spit up but never anything like this. And they were so lethargic. I think that was the hardest part... just seeing them laying on the floor, they couldn't even sit up :( So all day Sunday they either didn't eat or threw up if they did. Monday morning Rocco kept his bottle down but not Taegan, so we went to the doctor. They said there is a stomach bug going around and just stick with liquids and rest. As the day went on they gradually got better and today (Tuesday) they have kept everything down! They aren't eating as much as they normally do and they are up and moving but definitely not their crazy selves. But needless to say I'm happy the rough part is over. Having two sick babies is the worst. They both wanted to be held and cuddled... thankfully Ray has been here to help!

Now for some fun stuff. Here are some fun pics and vids :)
Taegan found one of their old pacifiers and this is how he was hanging out
Busted out the a pot... they were more interested in chewing on it though :)
The funny thing is I was in the kitchen and Rocco started crying I look up and don't see Taegan anywhere.... well So much for my pillow barricade...Taegan made it over the pillows and into the basket.Apparently I can't leave the laundry basket out either! I was changing Taegan and turn around and Rocco was on top of the basket.

And here is a short video of Rocco. This was shot today so he was a little fussy from being sick... but I think we are on the verge of walking... a little nervous!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocco's Surgery

First off I am sooo glad it is over. He still needs to finish healing but I'm glad the actual procedure is behind us. It started off as a rough morning because we woke Rocco up twice to feed him since he couldn't eat after 4:30 am. I felt like I had a newborn again.... I really have no clue how I survived the beginning :) So the no eating part on the morning of the surgery wasn't too bad since he ate during the night. He was in good spirits smiling and "talking" to everyone. It was definitely harder on us than him. Probably the hardest part was when the nurses carried him back and we just had to watch him go :( They came and got us after the surgery was done... he was just coming out it. He was all out of sorts.... we spent some time in the recovery room then we were able to dress him and go. Once we got home he slept for 3.5 hours and then woke up like nothing even happened!! Blew my mind!

It was the first time Rocco and Taegan have been separated and they were both so excited when they saw each other after Rocco woke up... very sweet moment. They took turns chasing each other and then they would stop and reach for one another and just crack up :)

Rocco still has his incision that need to heal but it is looking good and doesn't seem to bother him at all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Where have you been???

Is it true... could I really be updating our blog!!! It only took me 8 months :) It is one of those things I think about doing in the middle of fixing bottles or changing a diaper and then when I actually have free time I forget all about it!

Here are a few words to sum up the last 8 months....
  • insane
  • exhausting
  • amazing
  • whirlwind

I honestly don't know where the time has gone... my little boys are getting so big! They turned 8 months on 3/29. At the moment they are

  • Crawling (at an insane speed- no one told me babies were that fast on all fours!)
  • Standing on their own (30 secs at most then they sit down)
  • Walking with their toy that has wheels
  • Understanding the word no- even though they don't listen all the time :)
  • Playing together and chasing each other
  • Saying mama and dada but it isn't towards us
  • Climbing things
  • and most of all just getting into trouble :)

Having twins is definitely a crazy experience but I feel so incredibly lucky! I sit here and watch them and just crack up on a a daily basis. Already at 8 months they have a strong relationship. They make each other laugh, they get very concerned over the other's well being, they chit chat all day, and are always side by side... it really is one of the coolest things to watch!

Alright just wanted to do a quick update and hello... now that I got that done I will be posting more regularly with pics, videos, and updates!!