Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st Mother's Day... and some May Fun :)

I had a wonderful 1st Mother's day :) I spent my day relaxing and enjoying the guys of my life! Ray took over all the feedings and cleanings and I just got to have play time all day!! Here is a timeline of the day....

First thing in the morning the boys gave me their Mother's Day card they picked out themselves :)
Next we enjoyed a yummy breakfast of pancakes dipped in blueberry sauce!
After their morning nap we went to the pool... the boys LOVED the kids play area! It is all the fountains that spray and rain water.
Next the boys enjoyed their lunch poolside :)

But wait... what's this... Mom relaxing and smiling :)

Because this is what the boys were doing... so mom was enjoying her beverage poolside :)
Mother's day was really just a calm relaxing family day for us.... and I couldn't have asked for more.
Here are some more pictures of our May so far. Rocco and Taegan (and Mom) have enjoyed having Dad home!!! I got so use to Ray traveling that I am actually having to adjust to having a 2nd set of hands around. I just got into the routine of go, go, go and doing it all that having help is taking some getting use to :)
Alright here are some snapshots of what the crazy kids have been up to :)

Here is Taegan trying to climb the walker! They will push their toys to the gate, couch, entertainment center and use it to climb onto things... they are getting way to clever for my taste!
This is Rocco trying to "walk" to mom. They still prefer to crawl because it is faster but they like to practice walking.
We had a pool party with our friends Dean and Cade.... all 4 boys had the best time! We finally had to drag them out after over an hour... their little feet were all wrinkly :)

Another shot from the pool party... this picture just makes me smile :)

May so far has been a blast... we still have so much packing to do for our move to Dallas. We are really trying to de-clutter and get rid of as much stuff as we can. It is crazy how many things I have felt the need to hang on to through the years??! We leave Arizona on the 28th... that is only 15 days... holy cow! SO MUCH TO DO!!
And in case you haven't seen it we had some family pictures taken on May 6th. Our photographer was AMAZING!! She is a NICU nurse and mommy and just started taking pictures in November... she is a natural! She was so good with the boys and had such creative ideas for the settings of the pictures!
Here is the sneak peek: