Friday, July 30, 2010


My little guys are ONE!!! Approaching their first birthday I’ve really taken some time to reflect back on this year…. They say nothing can prepare you for motherhood and that couldn’t be truer :) I think back to that indescribable moment when we found out we were having twins… I still get butterflies and goose bumps! Then the day the boys were born and those first days in the hospital, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I was going to bring home TWO tiny babies that are completely dependent on us. Those first few months are a little of blur… I’m pretty sure I was just in survival mode trying to establish routines and schedules. And I think back to all of our firsts this year… smiles, laughs, crawling, standing, walking, teeth, food… so many fun milestones! As I look back I remember moments thinking “Why me???” as they are refusing to nap, or both crying, refusing to eat, sick, fighting over a toy, going after everything the shouldn’t.. whatever it may be. Or those moments when I think “Does life get any better than this?” As they are chasing each other laughing, running to me for hugs and kisses, cuddling, and playing together nicely :) All in all it has been a hectic, challenging, surreal, memorable, amazing year…. And I wouldn’t change a minute of it!

So for their actually birthday we went to the aquarium and then this weekend we will have a party. They LOVED the aquarium and we are all exhausted at the end of the day! Here are some pics from Rocco and Taegan’s 1st Birthday!!

Birthday Boys!!! Getting ready to head into the aquarium with mommy,BOTH grandma's, and cousin Joey!

Scary crocodile...
Hanging out
So many colorful fish to see!
2 Manatees looking at 2 babies :)

Grandma kisses at lunch :)
Flirting with the ladies
Fish Fish and more Fish!!!
The aftermath... we had an accident so one was rocking a diaper, tshirt and shoes, the 3 y/o was in the twin stroller, and we were ready to go :)
After the aftermath... DONE!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Settling In!!!

Well we have been in Dallas for a little over a month now! Time sure is flying! We have settled and the boys have adjusted to the new environment. I missed a 10 AND 11 month post... I think I am the worst blogger ever :) So here is a little update on the boys:
  • Rocco has 7 teeth
  • Taegan has 6 teeth (more are coming for both based on drool and chewing on everything
  • Walking~ this has been going on for awhile now... we even takes walks in the morning to burn some energy.
  • "Talking" still the dada papa baba but with more purpose and meaning... they rarely say mama :(
  • Eating all table foods... no more jars for us :)
  • Some tricks they have been doing: waving, clapping, blowing kisses, peek-a-boo
  • Curly hair... since our move and the humidity the boys now have curls instead of straight hair
That's all I can think of I'm sure there is more but trying to go back 2 months is a little hard :)

Since our move we have been keeping busy with classes for the boys. They are in a Gymboree class and they just finished swim lessons. It was more of just a splash and sing class with an occasional dunking not really teaching them to swim. But they loved it... they are definitely water babies. They really enjoy the Gymboree class because they get to run free and climb on things... and not get in trouble :)

Here are a few pics from some of our adventures :) In just a few short weeks Rocco and Taegan will be 1!!!! I can't believe it has been a year... I'm just happy I survived ;)
Gymboree Class

Climbing Away

Ist Day of Swim Class

Taegan started this "vacuum" like eating a few weeks ago and has shown Rocco the light on how great it is.... maybe they are future pie eating winners :)
Matching shoes.... so cute :)