Sunday, August 15, 2010

Changing day by day

Watching the boys develop physically has been so much fun but seeing their cognitive development is amazing. Everyday they learn something new and you can see their little minds at work all the time. Here are some of the fun things that have been happening...they tell me when they are "all done." They do this by "dusting" their hands off. They do it at meal time, in the bath tub, when I close something... it is pretty cute! They give kisses and hugs all the time and blow kisses and we just had their first brother kiss. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen and it is one of those moments when I feel truly blessed to have twins. They can find their tummy and noses. They do warm-up stretches with dad before morning walks. This consist of swinging arms back and forth as dad does it :) They try to jump... when you count to 3 they bend their knees and stand up really fast. They LOVE music. They are constantly dancing and when the music stops they throw their hands up like "what happened" and run over to the cd player until the next song starts. AND I think the funniest one is posing for pictures. As soon as I get the camera out they run to the wall and stand there and when I take the picture they come over to the camera like they are checking it out and I say "1 more" and they run back to wall and stand there. I laugh so hard every time. Though they do "pose" they both rarely look directly at the camera... we have to work on that! These are the things that stand out to me and are moments I have been trying to capture on video but they always get distracted when the video camera comes out :(

Here are some recent pictures:

At Gymboree in a barrel :)
"Posing" for the camera
Silly Shot
They love to hang out in their little wagons... They pull and push each other in them and just hang out in them.

yes this is a video of a monitor :) This was during nap time.... not a lot of napping going on but you can't help but be happy when this is what you are hearing over the monitor!