Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Sir!

I feel like all I say these days is “NO SIR!” Rocco and Taegan seem to be at the stage where they are testing the boundaries…. Needless to say this keeps me very busy. My mom put it perfectly the other day… it’s like herding cats J I’m just glad I can keep my sense of humor about it all and laugh at the end of the day…. and a lot of times in the moment. I’m going to have to work on keeping a straight face during some of their antics. Don’t get me wrong though after about the 20th climb on top of the couch or fire place it seizes to be cute! Here is a story that had me smiling….

I typically bathe them by myself with Ray’s work and school schedule which I don’t mind they enjoy bath time so it’s pretty easy. They aren’t allowed to touch the drain…. And we have been over it enough that they know this. So I have Taegan all soaped up on one side and Rocco looks over his shoulder as he is reaching for the drain, I say “No Sir” and he pulls his hand back. I get back to Taegan and hear the drain go up. I say “No Sir” again and he pulls his hand back and tucks them between his legs. He then turns toward Taegan with this sly grin and they both just crack up and all I can think is Man I am in for it!!

Another fun thing that has been going on is the differences that are finally taking shape. I get asked so many times which one is more dominant, and truthfully there isn’t a more dominant one. They go back and forth. But Taegan is showing to be more affectionate and Rocco a clown. Taegan loves to give kisses and sit on my lap. And if Rocco has an audience you can almost guarantee that he will put on a show.

Okay now for a few pics and videos!

Taegan and Rocco at bath time

Taegan and Rocco eating their lentil soup all by themselves!

Just a cute video I like

This is a video walking down the front steps.