Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working Hard for the Money....

To pay for daycare :) LOL! Not kidding though it is expensive for 2 kiddos to be in daycare! So the past month has been absolutely crazy! Adjusting to working with kids has been quite the experience for our little family of 4 :)

The little guys have done really well. The hardest part has been the exposure to all the new germs. But aside from that they are happy little campers. They take their naps on little cots and eat their lunch at a little table with chairs... it's all so stinkin cute :) They do fun art projects and have made little friends and love their teacher. They are definitely happy to see Ray or me at the end of the day though. They both run up and give hugs, get their bag, say bye bye, and wait at the door.

For me the biggest adjustment is just finding the time for everything. I am so happy to be back in the classroom! Regardless of the craziness I know that this was the right decision for me. I love my boys more than life but I wasn't cut out to be a stay at home mom.... seriously kuddos to the moms that stay at home! I am always anxious to see them at the end of the day but every morning I'm excited to get to work. I am extremely grateful for the time I had at home with them and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to do that. This has all been a big adjustment for Ray as well. When I was home he really didn't have to worry about anything as far as they boys went. But now he takes them to daycare in the morning so he is getting them up and dressed and out the door. On his off days he picks them up early and handles their dinner and bath time. With his school and work he is extremely busy too!

Here are a few fun videos that were shot a couple of weeks ago... enjoy :)