Sunday, December 12, 2010

1st and 2nd Haircut

So we finally got their hair cut... it was getting a little out of control but I have been hesitant to do it because I love their curls and I know that once their hair is cut they will look like big boys... I just didn't know if I was ready. Well Ray made the decision for me.... here is a little story for your reading pleasure :)

So I get home from work on Thursday and the first thing I notice is Taegan's hair.... I ask Ray if he cut their hair... thinking he would never do such a thing. At first he straight up lies and tells me no, but it is pretty obvious. He says I didn't cut it I just "trimmed" the front to get it out of their eyes. Some people might think I was/am being a little dramatic but I was NOT happy.I mean these boys are my world and I've been involved in every aspect of their care since day one. And as a mother you naturally take on the role as the main caregiver and make all those decisions on a daily basis about their care. Yet you can just cut their hair without even mentioning it to me... Who does that? Well apparently my husband does and he thought I wouldn't notice. And for the record it was not a trim. After a few hours, and getting all my comments off my chest, and an apology we made peace. But after Ray's home "trim" job the boys were pretty much rockin a mullet so we had to take them in for a real haircut.

The real haircut was fun. Taegan was very serious and still the whole time and Rocco was serious but moved a lot more. Rocco's hair is a little shorter than Taegan's... but they still have some curl!! They do look like big boys now... it will take some getting use to.
So without further ado here are some picture from the event!
Rocco was not too happy at first...
and Taegan was a little unsure
Taegan all cleaned up... big boy!

Rocco sporting the new do!

They are growing up too fast!