Thursday, December 29, 2011


Back in November when Ray's mom came to visit, we met with a photographer. My mom also came, as well as my brother and his son Joey. I thought it would be a fun Christmas gift to have the Grandma's picture taken with their grandsons :) I haven't shared yet because I didn't want to spoil the surprise for the Grandma's on Christmas morning! So without further ado here are some of my favs!

And speaking of Grandma's.... Ray's parents are arriving tomorrow! I see some spoiling in two little boy's future :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

We had so much fun this year! On Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa! The kitchen was a disaster but we had a great time.

That evening we went to my mom's to have dinner and hang out. Rocco and Taegan got to open their stockings.

 Once we got home we did our nighttime thing (bath and bed). After the boys were down it was time for Santa to visit. Santa delivers but he does not assemble! The big guy thought Rocco and Taegan had been good this year so he brought them a train table. It only took mommy and daddy (with some help from Richard) three hours to build!

Christmas morning!

We had the doors to the "playroom" closed. We knew once they saw the table it was over. After some breakfast it was time to open the doors!

After presents and some lunch it was nap time. The whole plan I mentioned last blog, well it didn't work on Christmas. So after several warning to get back in bed Santa made another visit to our house and took back the train and tracks. He left the table because it was too big to fit through the door :) When they got downstairs and saw the tracks gone Rocco said "really." Ray said "I wonder where he gets that from?" I have no clue? :) After a conversation between the two of them about Santa taking away my train tracks they happily pushed their other cars around the table.

We headed over to my mom's for round 2 of presents and Christmas dinner. The boys scored a garbage truck and then proceeded to scour the house for any garbage they could put in it. Luckily there was plenty of wrapping paper to squeeze inside. After a yummy dinner it was time to head home.

All in all it was an amazing Christmas. I feel truly blessed to have an amazing man as my husband and two healthy beautiful (and a little crazy) sons.  So much to be thankful for this season!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Break

We are almost one week into potty training..... mere hours away actually :) I am in shock on how well it is going!! We have had very few accidents, and the ones we had were all in the first couple of days. We made our first outing on Wednesday. I met up with the other 2nd grade teachers from my school who all have boys right around Rocco and Taegan's age. The boys had a blast! They had been stuck in the house for 4 days so they needed to let loose!! I probably only asked them if they needed to potty about 50 times :) After the initial outing I felt more comfortable going out diaper free. That afternoon we went to Hobby Lobby and then were headed to the park because the weather was actually decent. At a red light Rocco informed us that he had to potty so we made a detour by the house, took care of business, and then headed to the park.  The most impressive outing was today though. We had to venture out to the store. I knew it would be a mad house but I needed stickers for one of the boy's gifts. They did great but as we were leaving Rocco said he needed to potty. There was a line in the bathroom plus I had a cart full of stuff I had already paid for! I asked Rocco if he could hold it until we got home. He said yes but I had to tell him I didn't mean he had to literally hold it ;) We made it home and to the potty! We were out for almost 2 hours so I was pretty impressed! They are still wearing pull-ups at bed time and most nap times.... I'm not read to cross that bridge yet :) Okay enough about the potty!!

So the day I posted about naps going so well was the day they stopped napping :( It never fails that as soon as you mention something it all goes out the window (maybe I shouldn't have posted about potty training). For FIVE days we had NO naps! Well enough was enough! Thursday, after over an hour of playing, and several warnings I was over it. I took the monitor upstairs ans camped outside of their room. Every time one tried to get up I told them to get back in bed. I was trying so hard not to laugh because they were very confused. They would jump back in bed and look around for me. After about 15 minutes they were down and out! So today I just started nap time with that and after 10 minutes they were asleep. Two hours later we have on happy and relaxed mommy and two rested toddlers :)

Even with the potty training and lack of naps I've enjoyed my week home with the boys. We have had a lot of fun together. One of my favorite things we did, but I didn't get pictures of, was making dinner. The boys and I made little pizzas. They helped me spread the sauce, put cheese on each one, and top off with pepperonis. They were actually really good helpers... aside from some missing pepperonis :)

 Here are some pictures from our week:

Watching the rain

Decorating our felt Christmas tree (thank-you Pinterest)

They were all about this activity :)

They helped daddy rake leaves...

and by help I mean they messed up all of daddy's piles :)

and we painted out initials

Tomorrow we are baking and decorating cookies for Santa!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope your weekend is filled with warmth, family, and happiness :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I see London I see France

I see Rocco and Taegan's underpants :) Let the potty training begin!
We are into our first day... so far we are doing okay. They are pretty excited about their underwear and they book it to the bathroom when they have to go. We had 2 accidents this morning... one from each. I hadn't planned on underwear for nap time, I figured we would do pull-ups but they insisted on wearing their underwear so we will see how that goes.

Update on bed situation:
After the first week of basically NO NAPS things have gotten so much better! They have napped every weekend since then! For the most part they don't even get out of their bed! Night time is still going well. However the past several mornings when we turn the monitor on Rocco is on the floor?? He has his pillow and blanket and for whatever reason has set up camp on the floor.

Other updates:
We are enjoying the Holiday season! The house is mostly decorated. I still need to snap some pictures. We have been talking about Santa and we paid him a visit! The boys were very excited up until the point it was time to sit on his lap. The clung to Ray and I for dear life. Our picture is a step up form last year.
 (In case you forgot)
December 2010

And our family Picture this year :)
 December 2011
It was not suppose to be a family picture but they weren't having any part of Santa's lap.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

I had a couple of little helpers with decorating the tree.  They haven't quite mastered the idea of spreading the ornaments out :)

Obsessed with their trains... which is perfect! They are going to love the Christmas gift from Santa!

Painting with water :) I was trying to keep them busy while my mom and I got crafty... see below!

We made clipboards for people we work with. I made these 3 for the office ladies at school. I also made some for the boy's teachers but forgot to take pictures :(

On our way to a Christmas party :)

Rocco took a header into a truck. He fell down and was carrying a toy truck... I think the truck won this round.

They had been coughing at night so the doctor said to give them breathing treatments. I thought it was super sweet that they wanted to hold hands while they each had their turn.

The boys were driving around the house in their little cars. They said they were stopping at "different gas stations." Taegan apparently ran out of gas so he is filling his car up with crackers :)

Love them :)

I will be posting some decorating pics soon plus an update on the oh so exciting world of potty training :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's rewind to he beginning of November. Ray's mom came to visit us (and by us I mean Rocco and Taegan) for a week. The boys absolutely adored her. They have always enjoyed her visits but this time they were glued to her side. Everything was abut Grandma. Everytime they see an airplane they yell "my grandma!" Here are a few pictures from her visit, unfortunetly we didn't take many  :(

At the park.... what is that we see???
 Best Day Ever!!! A train! (they are still talking about this day)
 Spinning mommy around
 PLaying with our "wrecking cranes" that Grandma got us
 And very intently watching their new Car movie from Grandma
(two little boys got very spoiled)
We also had other visitors, Blake and Joey stayed a couple of nights while Blake has been on leave. The boys love their Uncle Blake but Joey is #1 in their book.

Rocco let Joey sit in his chair :)
 Uncle Blake
 Guy time... kicking some balls around :)
 The above mentioned "My Grandma!" when we see an airplane
 Transporting our tomatoes

An update on the big boy bed situation....... Frustrating! As I am typing this I am watching them on the monitor make a train with their pillows and blankets. Night time has been smooth sailing. The morning, as well, have been great! But nap time is another story. I really shouldn't be frustrated, it's not like they were napping before we switched. I know they still need a nap, they are so cranky in the evening when they don't take one. So here is a recap:
DAy 1- Nap!!!
Day 2- No Nap
DAy 3- Nap.... after 3 hours of playing
DAy 4- No Nap. This was Thanksgiving so we got them out of their room after 2.5 hours and headed to my mom's. They fell asleep not even 5 minutes into the car ride....aaarrrggghhhh!
Day 5- No Nap
Day 6- A short nap after over 2 hours
Day 7- we will see

I've done the sweet approach, I've done the serious talk, I've yelled, I've taken things away, and I've even spanked. I'm kinda at a loss here???

Anyways enough about that... I will leave with some fun pictures from the week!

Being silly with Richard

Yes garabage trucks are this interesting!
 And the boys did get a haircut (yes another one)

Modeling our new slippers, they are some kind of car but the boys call them garabage truck slippers :)
 The kid table at Thanksgiving
 OUr attempt at a family picture :(

And finally, tis the season! The boys and I are so excited to be decorating our first house this Christmas!! This was just the start, I will add pictures once we have finished!