Friday, February 4, 2011

So much to catch up on….. where to start. The boys are now 18 months! A year and a half… my oh my how time flies. They are running, jumping, talking, fighting, loving… growing up everyday!

Let’s see Rocco and Taegan have seen snow twice now… and they are not impressed. Pics to follow.

They got their hair cut… again! It was already getting shaggy from their first go round… so this time it all got cut off. It took some getting used to, and I was a little sad at first…. But my big boys are handsome as ever J

The latest is the big ice storm that hit Dallas. We have been stuck indoors for 4 days now. Both Taegan and I have been under the weather… so the four days actually worked out well… we didn’t have to take any sick days. But being stuck inside with two toddlers can be quite interesting. The roads on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were very scary… you could go ice skating on them. And when we woke up Friday morning there was snow everywhere… I think we had 6 inches or more! I had to venture out on Wednesday to get Taegan to the doctor. I don’t even like driving in the rain so driving on ice was terrifying! But we made safely.

Here are some pictures of the latest and greatest!

Our first look at snow!Not impressed :(

In our big boy chairs

And our big boy haircuts!
Helping dad set up our work bench

And this is what we do when we are stuck for 4 days....

We read books with our Uncle Blake

We color and put stickers on our paper

Snow everywhere!

"Look mom snow!"

We eat lots of snacks and watch the news...

We send text messages....
And we practice drinking with no hands :)