Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break is wrapping up and it has been quite an enjoyable week if I do say so myself! There have been a few hiccups but for the most part it has been a relaxing, fun, family filled week! We started off with a trip to El Paso to see Ray’s parents and the family that lives there. Of course I was up late packing Friday…. Traveling with toddler twins I wanted to be prepared for anything and everything. I was so nervous about the flight… the boys have flown once when they were 5 months, now they are 19 months big difference. So we get on the plane, get settled in, the plane takes off and the boys were out. It was an early flight so we had to wake them up which I guess worked out to be a good thing. They woke up with enough time for a diaper change and then we were landing! We were in El Paso Saturday- Tuesday. The boys had so much fun. On Sunday there was a party and all the family came over. Monday we hung out and went to the El Paso Zoo ;) and went to see Ray’s grandparents. It was a very nice trip and all I can say is these boys have no idea how much they are loved J It melts my heart the amount of love everyone has for these guys!

We got back to Dallas Tuesday afternoon…. We decided to take the boys to daycare Wed-Fri so Ray and I could get some things done but more importantly have a toddler free break (no offense Rocco and Taegan)! Not going to lie I enjoyed me some toddler free time… it was productive and relaxing. But of course it couldn’t possibly go that smoothly could it??? NOPE! Friday afternoon we had temperatures L We went to the doctor Saturday morning and it’s not a full fledge ear infection but there is some liquid so more antibiotics for us….. and tubes are scheduled for May.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Ray’s birthday! Nothing big planned just a yummy dinner and cheesecake!

Now I leave you with pictures from our week....

Our new favorite game is stick your finger in someones ear... so much fun :)

Ready for the party!

Hang on Rocco!

Pretty sure that truck is not meant to be sat on

So worn out we have to lay on the floor to push our truck

Family shot as we enter the zoo!

Checking out the lion... roar!

Oh no!! Wild animals on the loose!!

Phew... they were captured!

Helping push the jeep

There were no highchairs at the airport so we sat in big chairs... apparently Rocco wasn't impressed.

Checking out all the airplanes!

Sporting the backpack that didn't make the trip :(

These 2 little boys own my heart :)

Cool guys rocking their shades :)