Thursday, April 7, 2011

Growing Boys

Rocco and Taegan are changing and growing daily. The most significant change is their personality. For the longest time they would flip flop. One would be more aggressive or “dominant” one day and then switch the next. I still don’t think there is a dominant one but their own unique personalities are definitely making their appearance.

Taegan is the helper and the lover…. All around nice guy. He is a little more serious, but definitely still goofy. He gives kisses and hugs freely, which I can’t get enough of! He puts away toys without being asked. I would go as far as saying a little toddler type A J He can’t move on if something isn’t just right. He is always very concerned about Rocco, especially if he is upset. Or if I’m trying to get something done (like get their diaper changed) Taegan will go get Rocco or at least attempt to…. Which leads me into Rocco

Rocco has a bit of a stubborn side… and he has quickly become a professional pouter. He definitely only does things on his terms. Rocco will give hugs and is willing to give kisses, but you have to earn them J. Which make them that more special when you get a Rocco kiss! He is more of an instigator and a daredevil. He enjoys helping out but he isn’t as particular as Taegan is. Rocco is very much goofy and plays on any attention he can get.

Although they are different they are still similar in many ways. They LOVE anything to do with transportation: cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, etc. They even recognize “our car” as they call my car or “daddy car” for Ray’s. A funny story, I went to pick them up from daycare and their teacher asked me what kind of car Ray drives. I told her and she said well that explains it. While they were outside playing the director pulled in with a car just like Ray’s. The boys stood at the gate calling for Daddy for several minutes. Kinda makes me sad that they were all excited thinking Daddy was there but funny that they recognized the car. They love all the same foods, favorites being yogurt and any kind of berries. They are attached to the same bear, and yes we have two of them!

My two little guys are changing before my eyes…. It’s amazing to watch their relationship form and be a part of it all. Nothing melts my heart more than to witness the moments when they think no one is watching and they are interacting on their own terms. Like taking each other's hand, giving a hug, rubbing the other's back, sharing a book, making each other laugh... just loving life in their little twin world!

Here are a few recent pics and videos!!

"Joey wake up and play with us!"

Coloring with grandma Checking our Facebook :) Reading in our undies
Dessert time :)