Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School....

 I am starting off this post with pictures of my classroom, but have no fear I couldn't dare post a blog without pictures of the boys. So if you are only here to see Rocco and Taegan go ahead and skip to the end :)
I am very excited to be starting off the school year from the beginning! After taking a year off to be home with the boys, and then stepping in after the school year had started for a teacher who was retiring... I was ready to make the classroom my own and start fresh! So after lots of work here is the result!

View from the door
 My Word Wall... with a light up palm tree!
 Part 1 of my library sorted by genre, there are also baskets through out the classroom of different genres
 and Part 2 sorted by level
 My desk
 Cozy reading area
 Live~Laugh~Learn... my outside bulletin board
 My super cute name sign :)
After two days with my new kiddos, I am exhausted but also excited! I have a great bunch of kids that I know will keep me on my toes and a smile on my face!

Okay now what you are really here for :) We FINALLY got the boy's haircut this weekend. I was holding out because we haven't had the best experience with ANY of their haircuts. Plus I love love love their curls. But it was getting out of hand. I am happy to report that we had success, I only had to hover over the lady and watch every single cut, and no I am not being funny. I was that mom! But it paid off, we got a decent haircut plus we still have curls! Here are before and after pics:




And some sprinkler fun :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rain, Rain.... Come Again!

We woke up this morning to a nice surprise... rain! It gave us a much needed break from the 100+ degree weather. I would equate the reaction to the 1st snow of winter :)  Ray grabbed a laundry basket to send the boys down the hill in front of the house.... Sledding in summer! Joey had stayed at our house the night before so he got to partake in all the action! After some sledding we just hung out in the yard drinking coffee (Ray and I) and the boys played with their dump trucks. I can't even explain how nice it was to spend an extended amount of time outside and not be miserable!  

Here are some pictures from our morning!

All the boys loving the cooler weather :)

Rocco going down the hill....weeeeeee!

 Hold on Joey!

Hi Taegan! 


Playing with their dump trucks :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to Life- Back to Reality....

The boys started back at daycare this week. The original plan was to start back next week but after a couple of trips to my classroom with the boys in tow I quickly realized I would get NOTHING done with their assistance :) Because I had training Monday Ray had to do the first drop off by himself. Props to him because I don't think I could have handled it. He called me after the drop off  to tell me how it went and after hearing the story I was a wreck. So I picked them up after my training, and they were over it, ready to go home :(  Now to day 2- Again Ray did the drop off. It did not go so well. The 1st day they got distracted by bikes but there was no distracting today. So there were lots of tears and crying for daddy :( Fast forward to pick up. I watched them from the window for a few minutes and they were happily playing with puzzles. I walked in and they were excited to see me but also excited to show me their classroom and all the cool toys. It took me a while to get them out the door, but they couldn't leave without giving their teacher a hug. She said they are very sweet and polite boys... music to this mommy's ears :) Let's see how day 3 goes.....

Here are some pics from this week: 

Rocco showing off his creation, which according to him is "high in the sky"
 Taegan very pleased with his block creation :)
 Best block towers ever!
What's up with your hair bro???

Some white board action- total back to school mode :)

This past weeked we had the Tirado family over for some BBQ. We had a great time and it was fun to watch all the boys playing together! Here are all the boys together.... too cute! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Year Stats....

 We had our 2 year well check today! The boys are doing great :) We didn't have to get shots but we did have to get blood work done. They got their finger pricked... but the biggest deal was the band-aid afterwards. These boys have the weirdest hang-ups, one of which being band-aids! They hate them! So long after the prick, in the car, even after being offered a sucker they were still going on and on about the stinking band-aid... I swear these 2! Once we got home the proceeded to hold their band-aid finger in the air like it was really injured or something??

So here are there 2 year stats:

Rocco: Height 36 in
            Weight 28 lbs

Taegan: Height 35.75 in
            Weight 27 lbs

And here are some pictures :)

Taegan elevating his injured finger :)

Rocco treating his finger with the utmost care :)

And the background on the pictures below. We had just gotten home from running errands and they needed a diaper change. It was right before dinner and bath, so I hate to waste a diaper for a 20 minute wear, so I thought let's give our new big boy underwear a go :) It wasn't a success but they looked cute!

They were showing me their muscles but Rocco got distracted by a pretzel at the last minute!

There we go.... check out those guns :) They are very proud of their muscles, showing off several times a day! (on a side note they are equally impressed with my muscles and ask to see them several times a day)