Monday, September 26, 2011

Splish Splash I was taking a Shower

In case you haven't heard all the cool kids are taking showers these days... and by cool kids I mean Rocco and Taegan. They are so over the bath and only want to take showers. They pretty much think it is the greatest thing ever aside from garbage trucks and street cleaners. I tried to take some pictures and managed to snap a few that wouldn't get me arrested if I posted them on the blog :)
 Funny story: The boys are speaking more in Spanish, most the time I can make out what they are saying so I can repeat it back. Well Saturday we were out shopping (just me and the boys) and I tried on a brown dress. Rocco said "Mommy dress brown coffee." And I said all excited Yes coffee is brown :) This went on and on all day with various things that were brown. Fast forward to bed time and Ray is home and Rocco said it again. So I did my whole "yes Rocco coffee is brown." Ray just looked at me and said brown in Spanish is cafe. Oh these poor boys with their white girl mommy :)

We had the babysitter again this Sunday. Ray and I were attending a charity event put together by Richard for a cancer organization that is very near and dear to him and his family. So the babysitter was on her own for dinner, bath, and bed time. I am very pleased to say it all went well. The evening went smoothly for her and the boys did great with someone else putting them to bed!!

Just a few pics to end the night...
This is the life :)

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Rocco likes to wear his on his head.

At the charity event :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


We had a very successful babysitting experience!! Granted I was there with her to show her the routine, but the boys responded very well to her and she is just so sweet and fun! And as an added bonus after the boys were down Ray and I went to dinner and when we got back she had unloaded the dishwasher and washed all the dishes that were in the sink and used for the boys dinner! Score! So I am very much looking forward to this coming up Sunday. We are attending a charity event, and the babysitter will be on her own with the boys. I am still a little nervous how they will react to someone else putting them to bed, but I am sure they will be fine :)

On our way to dinner :)

** Sorry no pictures of the boys this post :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

 Hello! Life has been crazy crazy lately, but I guess it always is. Everyone is getting settled into the new school year's schedule and routine. Ray is back at it, so of course he is super busy with work and school. So like I said life is crazy, but a good crazy :)

Rocco and Taegan are doing really well. It is one of those times where things are going so well that I feel like I shouldn't talk about it because I will jinx it! They are talking up a storm lately and it cracks me up the randomness that comes out of their mouth. They are learning so much at school or daycare, not sure what I'm supposed to call it?? Whatever it is, they are loving it and I'm blown away with what they are learning and retaining. Last night when they were getting ready for bed they were pointing out all their body parts in English and Spanish. They know their colors in English and Spanish as well as counting. And this morning Rocco was pointing to numbers in his book and telling me what they were. They are all around very happy boys with lots of energy and lots of hugs and kisses for mommy! I feel very blessed to have these two little boys as my sons :)

Something new for us, tomorrow we are having our first real babysitter! Tomorrow evening is like a practice run because I am that crazy mom :) I am going to be here with her and show her our routine for the evening and then we have two more dates set up for the month of September where she will be on her own! I am a little nervous, I can count on one hand (and have fingers left over) how many times someone else beside Ray or I have put the boys to bed. And if it hasn't been us it has been a grandma. I'm sure all will be fine plus I am pretty excited for the plans we have set up for our babysitter nights! 

We are in the process of getting a trip planned to AZ!!! I am beyond excited to go back and visit and see everyone!!! More details coming soon.

And it wouldn't be a posting without pictures... so here are some random ones that were on my camera.  
We visited the car wash! They were all excited and talk about it all the time but their faces were priceless!

Excuse the blue mouth, we had just enjoyed a blueberry sucker!

Cracking up :)

Taegan's tat work, he is working up to a sleeve.

A gorgeous morning at the park. We have been trying a new park every weekend!

We no longer go down the slide, we now "scoot back" on the slide.

Cleaning machines!

This is serious business.
Enjoying some rain.

Their artwork from school :)

This is the latest fav movie, it is about street cleaners :)

But wait there's more!! A few videos :)

This is how furniture is used at our house

Singing in the rain