Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing Persons!

I am missing two sweet boys... has anyone seen them? I miss them dearly :( If you find them please let me know, I will trade you for the two WILD monsters that are threatening to take over this house! I swear I don't know what is going on... is this the terrible two's?? I thought maybe that was an urban legend but I am beginning to become a believer! They no longer take naps (on the weekends), they run around the house SCREAMING (not crying I mean screaming just to scream), and they are becoming very rough. I get that they are boys but come on let's take it down a couple of notches! And what I miss the most is our nice outings. I like to get out on the weekends and they have always been my little sidekicks where ever we go. 90% of the time I don't use a stroller or cart we just go into a store and get what we need, they would listen and follow directions, it was a breeze. Ya not so much anymore, maybe we won't be making as many outings! 

With all that being said, and the craziness that has started to take over, these two little guys own my heart. Thank goodness they aren't mad men all the time and I still have sweet moments to savor!  I could listen to them say "I love you mommy" a million times a day. I can never get enough of their hugs and kisses and cuddles :) But the moments where they are caring and concerned for each other will always be my favorite!

OKay picture time! (beware there are lots!)

A night out at Top Golf, Ray blamed his game on his clubs ;)

Who needs pockets for their cell phones when they can just cruise around in a dump truck??

 Vain much?? Checking themselves out in the mirror

 Who are these 2 cool guys??

 Is that you Taegan and Rocco?

Happy Birthday Grandma!

We picked these flowers and balloon just for you :)

 Truck Stickers!!! Thanks Jenna :)

 Rocco's mustache
 and Taegan was scared of the stache!

 We had great weather this weekend (well aside from the rain but it was much needed!) We spent a ton of time outside. First we colored.
 Then we cleaned :)
 Then we went swinging...
 and swinging some more!

 BUT instead of napping Rocco entertained Taegan with a sock puppet show...
 Doesn't Taegan look entertained?

Okay if you couldn't tell in the pictures above the boys were in need of a haircut, I use the word "were" because on Saturday I took them to get a haircut. Yes I, as in by myself. I was quite nervous to do this on my own but I wasn't sure when we were going to be able to fit it in on another weekend. So my whole rant at the beginning will seem like false accusations with this story. I was in shock at how smooth and easy it was! Rocco went first, he sat there perfectly still and enjoyed his movie while Taegan played happily in the play area. She finished Rocco, they switched places, and we were done! I felt like I couldn't talk about it as it was happening because I was sure to jinx it! I didn't get any pictures from the moment but here are some from today. They aren't very good hair shots though.


 Enjoying a sweet and calm moment :)

 I think we might need a few more cars :)

Watching their fire truck movie while wearing part of their Halloween costume :)