Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's rewind to he beginning of November. Ray's mom came to visit us (and by us I mean Rocco and Taegan) for a week. The boys absolutely adored her. They have always enjoyed her visits but this time they were glued to her side. Everything was abut Grandma. Everytime they see an airplane they yell "my grandma!" Here are a few pictures from her visit, unfortunetly we didn't take many  :(

At the park.... what is that we see???
 Best Day Ever!!! A train! (they are still talking about this day)
 Spinning mommy around
 PLaying with our "wrecking cranes" that Grandma got us
 And very intently watching their new Car movie from Grandma
(two little boys got very spoiled)
We also had other visitors, Blake and Joey stayed a couple of nights while Blake has been on leave. The boys love their Uncle Blake but Joey is #1 in their book.

Rocco let Joey sit in his chair :)
 Uncle Blake
 Guy time... kicking some balls around :)
 The above mentioned "My Grandma!" when we see an airplane
 Transporting our tomatoes

An update on the big boy bed situation....... Frustrating! As I am typing this I am watching them on the monitor make a train with their pillows and blankets. Night time has been smooth sailing. The morning, as well, have been great! But nap time is another story. I really shouldn't be frustrated, it's not like they were napping before we switched. I know they still need a nap, they are so cranky in the evening when they don't take one. So here is a recap:
DAy 1- Nap!!!
Day 2- No Nap
DAy 3- Nap.... after 3 hours of playing
DAy 4- No Nap. This was Thanksgiving so we got them out of their room after 2.5 hours and headed to my mom's. They fell asleep not even 5 minutes into the car ride....aaarrrggghhhh!
Day 5- No Nap
Day 6- A short nap after over 2 hours
Day 7- we will see

I've done the sweet approach, I've done the serious talk, I've yelled, I've taken things away, and I've even spanked. I'm kinda at a loss here???

Anyways enough about that... I will leave with some fun pictures from the week!

Being silly with Richard

Yes garabage trucks are this interesting!
 And the boys did get a haircut (yes another one)

Modeling our new slippers, they are some kind of car but the boys call them garabage truck slippers :)
 The kid table at Thanksgiving
 OUr attempt at a family picture :(

And finally, tis the season! The boys and I are so excited to be decorating our first house this Christmas!! This was just the start, I will add pictures once we have finished!

Monday, November 21, 2011

There is no going back now....

My little guys are in big boy beds! It is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around... I didn't realize I would feel sad about this. We knew we were going to make the transition during the Thanksgiving break since I had the week off. I have been preparing myself for the craziness of these two boys on the loose, not how I would feel about the whole ordeal. But as we took the cribs apart and changed them to toddler beds, I became very sad. They really aren't babies anymore... tear :(

Okay here is a recap of day 1
In the morning we changed out the cribs and installed a video monitor on the wall. Rocco had a moment when the bars came off... he protested for a minute and wanted them back on. But that ended very quickly as they realized how much fun the beds could be. So I was already thinking this was going to be insane.

Once we had all that done it was already close to lunch and nap time. So we took a quick walk... one of our neighbors was getting their trees trimmed so the boys were all fired up about it. There were guys in the trees with chainsaws cutting the branches and then a big machine that was eating the branches! After our walk we enjoyed a nice lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup

And then it was nap time.... and so it begins :) We laid them down gave them hugs and kisses and told them to close their eyes and take a nap. If only it were that easy. Immediately after closing the door Rocco was up. He would run over to Taegan's bed and look at him and then run back to his. This lasted for a little while and then they decided to test the door. Rocco walked over to it first, but it is out of the monitor screen so I don't know if he actually tried it ( this would be a good point to let you know that we locked them in). Rocco ran back to his bed and told Taegan it was his turn, so Taegan got up and gave the door and good yank. So I went up there and told them to leave the door alone. But of course they didn't so I went up again and told them to stay in bed and leave the door alone. Surprisingly after that they did leave the door alone but they were far from staying in bed. I went to take a shower and their room is right above ours and the entire time I was getting ready I could hear them running around. Ray came and got me to come see what they were doing. I shot a video, not the best quality. I will explain after the video.  

So while I was gone Ray said Rocco came to Taegan's bed and told him their was a bug on his. Taegan went over to confirm and said "eeww yucky," and then they both got in Taegan's bed. That is when the video starts. So they go to get Rocco's pillow and go back for his blanket. And for a while they stayed in Taegan's bed, but they kept looking over to Rocco's. So we decided to go up there. Sure enough there was a big ol DEAD disgusting bug on Rocco's bed. No idea how it got there and if Rocco killed it?? So we got rid of the bug, changed a diaper, and moved the beds so we could see a little more on the monitor. Once again layed them down and told them to take a nap. We are going on a little over an hour now. I went up 2 more times after that and in my very best mean mommy voice told time to get back in bed and stay there. It worked! They stayed in bed after that but continued to sing and talk. Rocco FINALLY fell asleep 2 hours into it!! Taegan was not happy about it. He didn't get out of bed but tried for almost 10 minutes to wake Rocco up. He finally gave up and fell asleep too!!!!! SUCCESS!!! I was beyond excited because in the past two months we have had only ONE nap. Apparently they nap everyday at daycare but at home... nothing! So to get a nap today was pretty big news around here :) 

Fast forward to tonight. After bath they were very excited to go upstairs and see their beds. We did our normal routine and layed them down and that was that. Not a peep and not a move.

I wonder what the morning has in store for us??? Normally they wake up and we leave them for a while as they happily talk and sing and amuse themselves safely behind bars. Stay tuned for the details ;)

Also coming up are pictures from Grandma's visit from El Paso and Blake and Joey's visit.  

Monday, November 7, 2011


*Before I start this post I want to give a very BIG THANK-YOU to the Gomes' family for opening up their home to us! We really had a great time thanks to you guys!

Last weekend we packed up the fam, jumped on an airplane, and headed to Arizona... yup it was that easy! Well I thought it would be that easy. The plane wasn't bad at all. They had lots to keep them busy in their "air packs" or as normal people call them backpacks.

We had an early flight Saturday, so we had to wake up the boys at 5:30 am. We arrived in Arizona and there is a 2 hour time difference. By the time we get our rental, got some lunch, and got to our destination, it was 2:00 pm Dallas time. The boys were exhausted but of course they didn't nap. I can't even say they rested quietly. I will let the picture do the talking...

We had the pack-n-plays on opposites side of the room... they somehow managed to get them side by side and Rocco into Taegan's??? So needless to say no nap. They went down for the night at 7pm, which is 9 Dallas time... so it was a VERY long day for these two little guys. And that is pretty much how their sleep went our whole visit. Waking up early (since they were on Dallas time), except for the last day of course! No naps.... not even one! Well They took a few short dozes in the car. So they weren't their normal outgoing selves, but we still had a great time and I would do it again in a heartbeat! But back to our first day.. we were so excited to see the Gomes clan... Kristi, Jonny, Zoe, and Colt! The last time we were all together there was no Colt so we got to meet the little guy for the first time. He is one of the cutest baby boys I have ever seen... I miss his big ole cheeks. And watching Miss Zoe with Rocco and Taegan was priceless, they all did really well together. If only that could be said about the boys with the 2 dogs. The boys are terrified of dogs. By the end of the trip, they were more comfortable but definitely still scared. I think we might need an intervention to work through this one... anyone have a dog we can borrow? :)

Day 2 (Sunday) we headed to our friend's Matt and Alison's to say hello. They have several nieces and nephews so they keep some toys in their house, and a whole basket of toy cars! Rocco and Taegan couldn't have been happier! We actually got to catch up and have a conversation with two toddlers around!

After a failed attempt at a nap we loaded up the boys and headed to a park to meet up with Lisa and her kids. Her daughter, Jenny, use to help me with the boys when they were babies. I would pick her up from school and she would go to the grocery store with me, or just come back to the house and help me out. It was much needed and much appreciated help! We also got to see Lisa's sons, Brent and Chad. I can't believe how big they are, and that someday my boys will be that size! It was a little bit of a rough outing because of the lack of napping but the boys got their act together for a little while and had some fun :)

Day 3- We just hung out all day in hopes of getting a nap. We figured we would just stay on Dallas time and problem solved. No such luck. Plus it was Halloween so we really wanted that nap so the boys would last through the evening, but what can you do. So we went to a neighborhood party with the Gomes family. The boys were supposed to wear their firefighter costume. They refused to wear the boots and the jacket, so we made it out the door with the hat on, it just wasn't worth the fight. The boys lasted for about an hour and we had to head back and get them to bed.

Day 4 Our last (full) day- We headed out first thing in the morning and got some breakfast. After that we headed to a park to meet up with my twin friend Jessica and her adorable twins Carson and Capri. It was fun watching all of them run around and get all crazy. Last time we were all together there wasn't a lot of moving going on, so us moms could just sit around and visit. This time we spent more time chasing toddlers than visiting :)
After the park we headed to my old school to say hi, the last time they had seen the boys they were about 7 months old... I think? It was so great to see everyone! And as an added bonus on our way out the door we ran into the 6th grade classes (Hi Sarah and Sean!) These 6th graders were my 2nd graders my first year of teaching! It was quite crazy to see all of them.

Day 5- Back to Dallas. The boys did really well on the way back. They actually took a nap the first part of the flight, go figure! And just chilled with their books and stickers the second part. Their favorite part was riding the school bus aka the shuttle to our car :)

My favorite part of the trip were the evenings when all the kids were down for the night and we just hung out with good friends and good conversation. I could just kick myself for not taking more pics... I will have to be better about that next trip!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catch Up

Okay, so we just got back from AZ yesterday, but before I do a post about it I need to catch you up on some recent developments. If I did it all together it might be a blog overload :)

Since my last rant about the two crazies that had taken over, my boys have calmed down. I am very thankful for this. I couldn't have taken much more!

One of their biggest developments is the strong bond they are developing. They are having conversations with each other and it cracks me up. Sometimes I'm not sure what they are saying but they nod or laugh at what the other says. But most of the time I just sit back, listen and laugh. For example over the monitor the other morning I hear someone singing their version of wheels on the bus. It got quiet then I hear "Taegan school bus" and then both of them singing it. Or last night at dinner they were comparing the veggies they had on their plate. Then once they both located the same veggie on their own plate they would eat it together. They "read" each other books. One of them will "read" and the other one sits and listen. Then they switch. It's hard to explain the changes I'm seeing. They have obviously always interacted because they are together all the time, but now it is more purposeful. It's not just parallel play now, they are working together or even asking the other to join them. Now don't get me wrong we still have our arguments and they still like to push each others buttons, but I'm sure that will never change :)

We also had our first dentist appointment. My mom went with me because Ray was at work.... thank goodness because she was needed. The whole ordeal was not a complete disaster so I consider that a success :) It started with x-rays. Rocco went first, there was a little crying but with the promise of a car sticker he held it together. Taegan was waiting with my mom in the hall and as soon as he heard Rocco my mom said he tensed up. So when it was Taegan's turn he wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily the lady was good, and could get it done quickly. But it took Taegan a while to calm down. They were a little unsure of the dentist but he was very good with kids and was able to put them at ease. He actually had both of them laughing while he was inspecting and brushing their teeth.

I know there is more to catch up on but this is all my brain could handle tonight :)

Here is a fun video I found on my camera! I think it was taken at some point in September since their hair isn't cut yet.