Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to the Grind...

Play time is over, back to work I go. It has been a great two weeks off. Not going to lie, there are times when I am ready to get back to work after a weekend... you know the weekends when the boys are being extra special ;) But that is not the way I am feeling this time around. We have had fun hanging out and I am going to miss my little guys tomorrow. It is a good thing I love what I do :)

Our 2nd week week was filled with trains, playing outside, a little shopping, and a visit from Grandma and Abuelo! Santa returned the train tracks on Tuesday, and since then that is usually where you can find the boys. We have had some awesome weather so there have been some park trips, walks, and backyard action. Grandma and Abuelo got here Friday so it has been all about them since then :)

Ray and I rang in the New Year out with some friends. It was fun to get all dressed up :)

Happy New Year!!!!

Watching Richard play his video game

We put together out new fire truck puzzle so they wanted their hats so they could ride in it :)

Painting with pudding .... yummy :)
Rocco "All dirty"

Taegan "all dirty"

Helping Abuelo set up our new easel

Ready to go out with the hubs

Do you like my arm candy? :)