Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

We had an eventful Spring Break this year! We planned a trip to to see family in LA. Ray has a lot of family out there and they haven't seen the boys since they were 4-5 months old (I think?). Preparing for this trip was a little different than our last trip. (We went to Phoenix in October) I felt very prepared. Last trip I spent the weeks before buying books and different things to keep them occupied on the plane ride. This time around that didn't happen. Things have been so crazy at work and with Ray's school and work schedule... plus both the boys got sick. Needless to say Saturday and Sunday were spent running errands, and getting ready for our trip. Even though I didn't feel as prepared, the flight was smooth sailing. The only challenging part was the potty :) Of course one had to go either during take off or landing!

We had a great time while we were there! Thank-you to Aunt Candie, Aunt Liz, Aunt Cindy and Aunt Lizzie for your hospitality. On Tuesday we went to Ray's grandma's house. Ray spent a good majority of his childhood playing at this house. I think it was neat for him to watch the boys run around and have fun at a place that holds so many memories for him. On Wednesday we went to the beach. It was the boys first time to experience their toes in the sand and see the ocean (it was too cold to get in). We definitely have some beach kids! They did not want to leave and have been asking to go again. I don't think they understand we don't have an ocean with sand in Dallas :) We headed back home Thursday and unfortunately we didn't have as much luck on the return flight. We had to wake up super early to catch our flight. I figured the boys would sleep on the flight, but that didn't happen. Actually I take that back, they fell asleep as the plane was landing, no joke! They were cranky when we got home but I figured they were exhausted. Rocco just wanted to be held and he felt pretty hot. We took his temp... it was 103 :( I gave him some medicine and put them down for a nap. He woke up crying and was still warm. I decided to take him to the doctor, and I'm glad I did. He had the flu. Friday he was on and off. He would get a burst of energy but then completely die and just wanted to be held. Not going to lie though, I enjoyed all the cuddling. So Friday we just hung out. Saturday he was doing pretty well. We spent the entire morning working outside. Our yard was in dire need of some TLC! Sunday Rocco was back to normal with no temp (and knock on wood) it looks like Taegan didn't get it! Richard was not so lucky.... sorry Richard :(

It was a great Spring Break (minus the flu)! Our little family really needed this little down time to hang out and relax!

Let the pictures begin!

Watching a movie on the flight

They got to sleep on a blow up air mattress... this is how I found them onthe first night :)

With Abuelita

Rocco having fun at Abuelita's house

Taegan enjoying a bike ride :)

Posing with a few of their cousins :)

Cheese :)

We didn't even make it past the ramp to get onto the Santa Monica Pier before the boys spotted their first ride.

Are we tall enough to ride?

Waiting in line to ride the airplanes!


They loved it :)

Checking out the ocean

Alright here goes nothing....

And they're off!

Don't let the wave get you...


We love you Aunt Lizzie and Aunt Ciny!

Thank You for everything Aunt Candie, We love you!

Aunt Liz, we can't wait for another cheesecake! Love you!

  In case that wasn't enough for you I wanted to share a funny picture. Before we left I was trying to keep the boys entertained while I packed, I found a channel with preschool yoga and they were all into it :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poor Blog :(

My poor, lonely blog has gotten no love in over a month! If there were a blog abuse hot line I'm sure I would have been reported  for neglect by now. The worst part is, once I go this long I don't even know where to start....

So I guess my birthday it is :) Last weekend I entered my last year in my 20's! Say what?! When did that happen?? My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so Saturday night Ray and I went to a very nice dinner with some friends.... honestly some of the best food! And to top it off they had a dessert with Nutella= heaven! My best gift came Sunday morning... I got to sleep in!! Like really sleep in. Ray somehow managed to keep the boys quiet and I got a few extra hours of shut eye! When I did wake up I had two little boys deliver me breakfast in bed :) I am one lucky gal! I won't mention the part where my breakfast got stepped on as the two little monkeys were jumping on my bed :) Later on in the day I had a nice lunch with my mom and we went for a pedi afterwards. And the day was finished with a delicious dinner at my mom's with the family :)
Birthday night... as you can tell Rocco and Taegan were not into it... thanks guys :)
So because I am so far behind I am going to do a quick catch up with a few pictures!

We have entered a very interesting/ trying time.... and I am guessing this is what people refer to as the "terrible two's!" The are all about testing the boundaries, voicing their opinions (and they are full of them), being independent, and on the positive side becoming best friends. I will post, in more detail, about some of their shenanigans in an upcoming post. 

One of their new morning activities... shove all their books under the door??? Why you ask?? I ask the samething :)

Slime!! I thought I was buying bubbles at the Dollar Tree, turned out to be slime :)

Best mistake ever... no joke in one sitting this slime kept them entertained for 1 and half hours!

They are all about their bikes! Normally they just do laps around the house, but taking advantage of the nice weather we got out and about.

They want nothing to do with their beds... within minutes every night they are on the floor. We have given up trying to put them back because they just end up on the floor again. Sometimes when I turn the monitor on in the morning they are cuddled up together :)

Alright that is all I've got for tonight.... and I promise it won't be as long before you hear from me again :)