Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wonder No More...

I no longer have to wonder what goes on around here while I am away! Apparently Ray uses my precious boys as target practice.

Despite being used as targets these boys are definitely developing a love for soccer! Not sure where they would get that from? ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy you happy?

I am asked this question several times a day by a couple of toddlers I know. And it is usually asked after one said toddler has done something they know they should not do. My responses vary from "Do I look happy?", "Are you happy?", or "No I am very frustrated right now." Apparently they do not understand these responses because they then ask again "Mommy you happy?" At this point I usually sigh in defeat and say yes boys I am happy.... because let's be honest who can stay mad at these faces for too long?

I am once again behind in posting so a super quick catch up and some pictures! We had a great Easter. The boys were very into the egg hunt :) And with an Easter bunny from El Paso and one here in Dallas the boys were spoiled with some loaded baskets... but that's what Easter bunnies are for right? ;) We have been spending lots of time outside... which makes the boys Happy little campers. Aside from hanging out in the great outdoors you can usually find me carrying on  ridiculous conversations with my favorite two toddlers :)

T-"Mommy my eyeball hurts."
M-"Your eyeball?"
M-"What did you do to your eyeball?"
T-"Mommy please you fix it?"
M-"Well what did you do to it?"
T-"I need band aid."
M-"Ok but can you tell me what happened?"
T-"I broke it."
M-"I know you told me that part, but how do you break your eyeball?"
T-"It hurts."
M-"Can you show me?"
T- Shows me his elbow where the scab on an old boo-boo was cracked :)
M-"Oh your elbow!"
T-"That's what I say Mommy."


(on the drive home from school)
R-"Mommy I got you present."
M-"You did?"
R-"Yes it at home."
M-"Oh is it my birthday?"
M-"Well what is my present?"
R-"New movie."
Having no clue what he is talking about M-"What new movie?
R-"Orange garbage truck movie!"
Still no clue M-"What orange garbage truck movie?"
R-"On TV."
M-"You got me a new garbage truck movie for the TV?"
R-"Yes you can watch it today"
M-"Well it must be my luck day!"
R-"You not have to wait til Monday."

~we never found the above mentioned new movie Rocco got me :)

Ok now for some pictures!
Going through all the eggs they found!

Picnic :)
 Taking a break from shopping to enjoy a cookie and a smoothie.

And if you have stuck around this long here is a little glimpse into our quite and calm home... stop on by if you need a moment relax :)

I dread the day these 2 can actually drive!

P.S. I tried to post more videos but it wasn't working :(