Monday, June 18, 2012


7:00 is the magic number in our house right now! We are trying to get the boys to stay in their room until 7..... why you ask? Because 6:30 is just WAY too early! Now I realize the boys go to bed pretty early, but we have even pushed it back in hopes of getting them to sleep later. We have tried locking their door but then they just yank on it and call our names until we come up there... so really what's the point? I came up with a plan and while it hasn't exactly helped for the morning it has been working wonders at nap time.

Here it is.

Materials: stickers, sticker chart, digital alarm clock, and a sign.

I showed them what 7:00 looks like on the clock and made a sign to sit by the clock. I told them that they had to wait until the clock said 7:00 and then they could come downstairs. If they do this they get a sticker. Once they have earned 5 stickers they get a new toy!

So the first morning I went up there when I heard them wake up and we laid in their room silently until the clock said 7:00 and then we went downstairs! Off to a great start right... not so much. It hasn't been a complete disaster but it hasn't worked as wonderfully as I thought it would. The problem is they are waking up, coming downstairs, and using the restroom. So it is hard to expect them to stay put if they need to potty. So I guess I just need to come to terms with the fact we are going to be early risers this summer.

On a positive note I carried the sticker chart over to nap time. Nap time doesn't come easy around here. It is party time in their room when they go down for a nap, which involves me going up and down the stairs getting on to them. For a little while I was just taking a nap in their room with them. And while it was nice to get a 2 hour nap I also like having that time to get some things done! So here comes the sticker chart. Now I can't expect them to go from party central to perfect... so we are taking baby steps! If they fall asleep within a reasonable time and take a nice long nap they get a sticker. So we are averaging about 20-30 minutes to fall asleep and then taking 3 hour naps.... It this house that is amazing!!

So they earned their 5 stickers and off to the store we went. I won't go into all the gory details about finding 2 of the same toys. Just know that they were not suppose to walk away with a big fancy toy! But the toy gods were working against me this day and after trekking it to 3 stores looking for 2 of the same thing I waved the white flag. But I did end up with 2 very excited boys :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Lovin

Well we are into our first week of summer... and what have we been up to?? I'm sure you are just dying to know ;) Well here is a little preview.... singing, dancing, loud Mexicans, cheers, and jeers... and that was in one afternoon!

Summer vacation kicked off with a visit from Uncle Bobby! (Ray's LITTLE brother!) Saturday we hung out and had our first summer BBQ. It took 3 men and 2 toddlers to grill the food but it turned out amazing!! The boys took a break from grilling to have a little dance party :)

 Sunday was the event of all events.... Mexico vs. Brazil. Up to this point the only soccer game I have ever watched live was a high school game. And let me tell you this was nothing like high school soccer, actually this experience was like no other. You want to see fans passionate about their team... go to a soccer game. Mexico won 2-0 and I have never seen such a celebration. Crowds of people breaking out in song, hugging strangers, lots of horn blowing, and harassing of Brazil fans. While waiting for members of our party to use the facilities, a Brazilian fan approached the restroom and a handful of Mexico fans surrounded him and started chanting what I assume to be a victory song or something? Luckily it all seems to be done in good fun :)

Monday I had a training to attend... yes a training on the first real day of summer break! So Dad and Uncle Bobby were on double trouble duty :) No need to go into details about the day, just know that everyone made it out alive!

Tuesday we had a playdate with Kate and Ellie... and Baby Jack! We ventured out in public instead of meeting at one of our houses. With the boys dressed alike and Kate and Ellie dressed alike we got A LOT of attention or more just like open mouthed stares. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of all the kids together :(

I don't remember Wednesday :)

Thursday was the first day of our MDO (Mother's Day Out) summer program. The boys will be going once a week during the summer to socialize and learn new things.... who am I kidding the boys are going so mommy can maintain some level of sanity. Drop off was a bit rough... not what we are use to in their normal program. But I called (yes I am that mom) about 30 minutes later and apparently they were happily playing. At pick up Taegan wanted to come back to his new school tomorrow and Rocco said he cried a lot. So we will see how next week goes. So what did I do with my toddler free time... hung out with my hubby :) We started with a romantic oil change, followed by a movie, and finished with a quick bite to eat!

Friday we attended one of our summer classes I signed us up for... Dance and Play. The boys were a little slow to warm up but after 10 minutes there was no holding back. These boys were dancing machines. The teacher had specific movements to go with the songs but that is not how Rocco and Taegan operate. So instead of marching and whatever else they were supposed to be doing we had lots of jumping, fist pumping, and moshing. Hopefully we will be let back in next week :)

Saturday we went to a birthday party. This party had one of those bounce houses but with water... so a bouncy water slide aka lots of fun! I couldn't get Taegan off the slide but Rocco wasn't the biggest fan. What can you do? Overall they both had a blast and didn't want to leave.  We finished the day at my mom's house for dinner. Joey is headed back to El Paso and Rocco and Taegan had to say bye to their boy.... they love that kid :)

Overall it has been a great start to summer. If summer continues like this though I might need a vacation from summer vacation :)

And two more pictures just because :)