Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Rocco and Taegan!!! My "babies" are 3! I am told on a daily basis "I am not a baby, I am big boy!" And yes I have to agree they are big boys, but these 2 feisty, full of energy, sweet boys will always be my babies :)

So here is a little photo recap of the last 3 years.....

Birth day.... so tiny :)
1st Birthday!
2nd Birthday!!
3rd Birthday!!! (sorry for the quality of the pic)
We celebrated their birthday with a fire truck party.... I will be posting pictures from the fiesta soon!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I am trying to remember what LBK (life before kids) was like... What did I do all day? No seriously what did I do with all that (kid free) time? Life without these two miniature beings seems like a distant memory. But it makes me laugh how much more I get done these days with what feels like no free time. It really is crazy how much more productive I am since becoming a mommy. Any-who with summer in full swing I am trying to find the balance of getting some much needed projects done around the house, getting organized, have fun with the boys, and RELAX.... piece of cake right? :)

So let me share some pictures with just how I am doing with the above mentioned list....

Getting organized... Don't Judge :)

This has been a project I have been putting off. Getting all the piles of paper organized! So I went around the house and gathered all papers. Even the papers that were in boxes from our move (a year ago!) And I sorted away.
 This is the "office area" that will be the house for the above papers. In my defense this picture was taken after I started sorting and organizing :)
This is the system for mail that will stay downstairs and once a week it will get filed away.
 The first picture of the stacks.... it all got sorted and filed!
Everything nice and neat!!
 Even the inside drawers!!

Once this project was all said and done I felt great!! A BIG check of my to-do! I've accomplished some smaller organizing task like the junk drawers, toy baskets, and my "craft" table.

A little late on this post but wanted to share my crafty little project for father's day (thanks to pinterest of course)! I asked the boys some questions, typed it up, and put it in a frame! And of course added some details to make it cute :)

Relaxing.... well I did have a hot date :)

And fun with the boys.... this is what we have been doing a lot of...

 and being silly :)

Another goal is to get better with my updates so I don't have to cram so much into one!!

And I leave you with a picture of my loves from our photo session in May :)