Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sound the Alarm!

Better late than never to get the boy's party pics posted!!

To celebrate Rocco and Taegan turning three we had a fire truck birthday party, complete with a real fire truck! There is a company in Dallas (Big D Engine Company) that bring a fire truck right to your door step. The kids got to climb all over it before the firefighter gave his fire safety talk. Afterwards the kids got to spray the hose. Rocco and Taegan LOVED every minute of it :)

Here are some pictures from the day (Thank-you Aunt Tori for being our party photographer!)

Expolring the truck

Best day ever!!
As you can tell the are wonderful picture takers :)
Everyone being great listeners during the fire safety talk :)

Hose time!!

Even Daddy got in on the action!

Make a wish Rocco...

Taegan must have a serious wish!

Trying to get a family picture once they have a cupcake in their hand= fail.

I can't believe my boys are 3! In the words of Rocco "What happened to your babies?"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hollywood is calling....

Last week the boys took part in their very first performance!! I was so excited to watch my little cuties get on stage and shine :) Oh and shine they did....

Sorry it is such a bad pic :(
 Now before you say awwwww.... let me tell you this is NOT a sweet embrace. This was an aggressive hug that resulted in  knocking some kids over and getting scolded by their teacher not once but FOUR times! Yes it was a very proud mommy moment :)

And just a quick catch up before I do the birthday party post!

We are in our last few weeks of summer before school starts up :( Despite the boys driving me crazy at times, I will miss them. Here are a few things we have been doing....
We have been doing a book study ;)

We like to create our own train tracks

We like showing off our muscles

Sorting things by color is a new fav

We went to feed the ducks and Rocco just tossed in the whole bag of buns.... really?

Once I fished it out it was a feeding frenzy :)
 Birthday and Party post coming soon!!!