Sunday, January 27, 2013

Merry (very late) Christmas

(I have had trouble uploading pics to the blog, which is why this is so late.)

Christmas this year was amazing! Experiencing the excitement through the eye's of Rocco and Taegan is something that is hard to describe. Also adding to the excitement was a white Christmas!

We started Christmas with a visit to my mom's on Christmas Eve. We had some yummy tamales, watched a movie, and opened our stockings.

Christmas Eve- ready to head to grandma's house!


Christmas morning was the best! The boys were very spoiled and loved everything. They were a little disappointed when Ray or I would open a present. They would say "That's not a toy!" They just don't understand that mommy gets just as excited over new shoes and purses as they do about toys :)

Taegan Christmas morning

Rocco Christmas morning

Their action figures were a hit!

Cooking mommy a yummy meal :)
A white Christmas!

Yay for snow!

It looks like one is screaming, but I promise they were super excited!

Finally getting to ride their new bikes the day after Christmas! While they were excited for the snow, it is no fun to get a new bike and being told you can't ride it.

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