Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Time is flying! I can't believe we are half way into March! So much to catch up on.

Here is a quick run down of February!

The boys were super excited about Valentine's Day this year, probably because I get so excited. For me Valentine's Day is all about the kids. Being a teacher, there is nothing like Valentine's Day! At school the students LOVE passing out their Valentines, and they love reading the cards they received even more! It is just a fun day that makes my heart smile :)

The Valentines that Rocco and Taegan passed out to their friends at school.

Valentine's Day :)

Photo Dump.....
We have been very into superheros lately. This is Taegan with his shield!

The boys had some money left from Christmas and one day as we ran errands they could choose how they wanted to spend their money. Rocco picked this ginormous balloon!

Daddy you are so funny trying to sleep in!

Getting a much needed haircut. We take up a whole corner :)

Daddy you are so funny thinking you can watch something in peace! :) 

Scored some sweet treats from the ice cream truck!

Taegan and Rocco got some new soccer shoes. Normally we buy the same shoes but these were the only two pairs left. Of course there was a fight and they both wanted to wear the black pair.... so the solution, one of each!
 I turned 30 in February! Not sure how that happened, I swear I was just 25! Any-who on my actual birthday (a Tuesday) the boys and I went to watch Ray play soccer and then went out to dinner as a family. The following weekend Ray's family came into to town and Ray and I enjoyed a little getaway! We relaxed, I got a massage, had a very nice dinner, and best of all slept in :)
Love him :)

Ray's parents enjoying time with the boys.
 And here we are in March! I have been documenting Mommy Bootcamp on Facebook, but there will be a blog posting coming with more details plus what we have been doing with our spring break!