Friday, May 24, 2013

Honey Baby I Love you

I have a feeling this song might be a part of the boy's end of year program, seeing as how I've  heard it a couple times ;) I can't believe end of year stuff is here! In only a few short weeks we will be in summer mode!!! Well not quite, for the first 3 weeks of summer I will be part of a summer program for gifted students.... I'm pretty excited!

But enough about me, I know the real reason you come here is to hear about my perfect, well behaved, totally calm children. So what have they been up to lately?
  • waking up WAY to early.... everyday
  • wrestling (I swear all the time)
  • asking a million questions
  • either pretending to be a superhero or a bad guy.... they take turns
  • talking a mile a minute... usually at the same time
  • living in their twin world, I seriously don't know what they would do if they didn't have each other..
Since it has been forever and a day since my last post.... here are some highlights :)

Easter..... the boys had 4 egg hunts. They had one at school, one at home, one at Grandma's, and then my friend Jenna hosted a hunt.
Coloring eggs with their fav person :)

Easter baskets!

On the hunt

Ready for another round at Grandma's!

Egg hunt at Jenna's

Nothing like an egg on the spoon race!

Cracking confetti eggs

Worn out!

Our first Chuck E Cheese visit :) A boy from their class invited them to his birthday party, they are still talking about it.

Mother's Day..... no pictures from the day. It started of nice.... cards and a gift delivered by 3 handsome guys. But the day quickly turned south when I got vomited on, it was awesome.

We attended a Quincenera... the boys had a blast. They love to dance. Rocco totally gets into it! He wants you to hold his hands, and he closes his eyes, and then just dances away. So cute! But a shocker here... their dancing can quickly turn into wrestling. Well actually it is more like 3 year old moshing.

And just some randoms....
Earning their keep

Even a superhero has to take a break to eat dinner!  

Or as the boys would say they need more energy (Which just for the record I have never seen them lacking in energy!)

And just to brag... we went to the store to get stuff for dinner, I asked the boys what they wanted.... their response: Kale chips, chicken, and cauliflower.... love it!
This was taken in April.... a little taste of some of the dance moves
Rocco showing of his math skills :)
In their own little world.... in a box, or on a boat- It's just a matter of perspective
Well until next time.... no promises on when that will be :)