Monday, July 29, 2013

We can't control ourselves!

So my babies turn 4 today..... yes 4! How is that possible? I told them they need to stop growing and their response "We can't control ourselves, we just grow!"

Here are some other things they have decided now that they are 4:
  • I am now Mom, no longer Mommy (not a fan of this decision)
  • They will no longer be scared of ants. "4 year olds aren't scared of ants!"
  • They can now swim in DEEP water
  • They need to sit in regular chairs, not their booster seat.
  • They don't need to wear seatbelts- sorry Charlie but that is the LAW!
  • And I'm sure I will hear about many more things "Now that we are 4"
They woke up this morning, stood very tall, convinced they had grown overnight since today they are 4! :)

I feel very emotional about this age, not sure why. I guess the realization that they really aren't babies. Though I do tell them everyday you will always be my baby. I think they have given up arguing this point. As one of my favorite children's author wrote in one of his books "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, forever my baby you'll be."

To celebrate the big 4 we had a party at a fun pool near our house! The boy's loved every minute of it!


They had a great day celebrating with family and friends!!
Before I leave, a stroll down memory lane.....
Birth 7/29/2009

Turning 1- 7/29/2010
Turning 2- 7/29/2011
Turning 3- 7/29/2012

My silly 4 year olds- 7/29/2013!

 Rocco and Taegan- I am truly blessed to be your mommy! You are my life, my world. I love your energy, curiosity, and imagination. The bond the two of you share is something I can never understand. But I can't tell you how much my heart overflows to see the love you have for each other. I smile knowing that you are each other's biggest fans. I love you both so very much!

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